Tiger Town tickets for 2008 Grey Cup ??????

Does anyone know of any info on pre-purchasing Tiger Town tickets for 2008 Grey Cup with Riderville?

Can we buy these from the Ticat HO?
Do we have to get gouged by ticketmaster?
Can you pay addmission to entre on the Friday or Saturday night?
Is there a 2 night savings package?
Who's the band this year what with Teenage Head dropping out?


Saturday is sold out...see the following thread


try contacting the tiger cat office for further details 905-547-CATS

You can apparently by tickets at the door. Since buying a ticket in advance only guarantees you entrance 1 hour after the opening.

I'm surprised the Saturday was so much more popular than the Friday. I elected to get tickets for the Friday instead of the Saturday because there's already a ton of other events going on Saturday like the Al's huddle, Lions Den, Spirit of Edmonton to name a few. There's really nothing else going on during Tigertown/Riderville on the Friday so I thought that was the perfect day to go.

And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD there better a washroom inside the room of the actual event OR don't make people wait back in line after they take a leak.

There is a Rider parade that will be finishing at the East Meets West on Saturday between noon and 1pm. That's why all the tickets have gone. As people leave the venue, we will be admitting others in. This will continue until 3am.

There are 3 sets of washrooms within our venue. No need to leave and line up again. :smiley:



just like toronto they the ticats like hanging out with themselfs and not anyone else!Fans not welcome! The funny thing I will be there ticats! got my grey cup ticket! I got my train tickets! Saturday is the habs game anyway! Oh yah the ticats were not invited to that! :wink:


Fans are completely welcome. In fact, it would be very empty without the fans.


EXCELLENT! I remember visiting Tigertown in 2006 at the Winnipeg Convention center and you had to go outside the room where the event was being held to take a leak......then you had to line back up to get in! This is great news that there are 3 sets of washrooms, cause I plan on drinking a LOT of brews.

were you even there last year?First they made the ticats brass and players look like they were punished by standing in a way to small porch like closed off area.I walked else where where I talked to winnipeg coaches who were not to good to talk to us! PS they thought they had one on us by partying in the Manatoba bisons converence room but I knew that too and I DID NOT BOTHER WITH THOSE SNOBS! There were alot of higher memorys and monents that week!

....ok so what about the Band that's scheduled....who is it?


I vote for Helix…too bad they’ll be out west that week. Maybe Motley Crue.



Looks like Riderville/Tigertown Tickets for both Friday and Saturday are Sold out....

Just to be clear, the guaranteed admission tickets are sold out for both days. These tickets were sold to guarantee entrance between 6 and 7pm on Friday and Noon to 1pm on Saturday. If the room isn’t at capacity after that first hour each day, we will sell tickets at the door to get in - $10 each.

If you have a guaranteed admission ticket and show up after the 1 hour time frame, you won’t have to pay again to get in, but you’ll have to wait in line.

We’ll be selling tickets at the door all day.

This isn’t a huge room, so get there early!


Can a mod please explain why my link to the CFL Player's Association function - http://www.proplayersparty.com was removed twice?

Nice to see that this is going ahead with the remaining members of Teenage Head along with Tom Wilson! :thup:

Good choice.