Tiger Town Store Sunday

Just wondering with it being the last weekend before Christmas and the impending ice storm on Saturday, will the Tiger Town store be open this Sunday to get in some last minute Christmas shopping?

If not, are there any stores around the city that have a bit of gear? I was at both the Giant Tiger on Upper Ottawa and the Walmart on Stoney Creek mountain last night which I know used to have a displays but no longer have Tiger-Cat stuff for sale.



I know there is a store called Superstar or something near the food court of Eastgate square that sells Ti-Cat gear, along with other sports gear. I seem to recall it was a little pricey though. In addition, I seem to recal the Giant Tiger on Cannon sold some rather obscure Ti-Cat gear that you can't find at the store. Specfically Sogo brand Ti-Cat socks, boxers, PJs and Earmuffs, as well as a couple shirts. Nothing too extreme though.

Giant Tiger had all sorts of Ticats stuff, then the Grey Cup run hit and everything was gone ! :thup: The manager at the GT at Centenial and Queenston said they could have sold 5X what they had :rockin:

TigerTown is open Monday and Tuesday, Get in there :thup:

the TARGET located closest to the stadium had a bunch of tiger-cat stuff…and oddly enough, canadian tire (well the canadian tire in brantford)