Tiger Town Store and comic book stores

So on August 8th, my brother and I will be coming to town for the Edmonton/Hamilton game. Since it's a Saturday, we decided to make a day of it.

I'd like to check out the Tiger Town Store. I was on their website a few days ago, and it only listed Ti-Cats merchandise. Do they sell merchandise for other teams, as well (specifically the Eskimos)?

My brother is a huge fanboy, so whenever he goes to a new city, he has to check out that city's comic scene. I was wondering if anyone here could recommend some good comic book stores to check out.

Thanks guy.

Comic connection( westend) !!!

They only sell a Reebok shirt and hat for the Eskimos. It's the Tiger Town store, what do you really expect?

You could also check out the Hall of Fame. It will take you maybe 15 minutes to walk around. Again, they won't have much Eskimo stuff.

Yup, on King st. W. near Longwood Rd.

There's also Big B comics on Upper James just north of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway

Burdin's Comic on the corner of Main and Tuxedo a block west of Main and Kenilworth.

Also check out Imperial Coin on King Street downtown for a huge selection of older back issues, A-1 Comics on King Street in Stoney Creek and Alternate Icons if you get over to Brantford about 25 minutes down the 403 Highway out of Hamilton.

and for collectibles check out Bayshore Hobbies (also on King near Comic Connection) and Cool Stuff King St. near Holton and Weird Stuff at Main & Tuxedo.

I was thinking of hitting the Hall of Fame. It might depend on how much time we have.

He's always looking for back issues.

It sounds like King Street has a few different stores. Is that the main downtown street? Maybe we'll park our car, and walk up and down the street.

And dont forget the Football Hall of Fame: awesome gift shop with lots of CFL stuff !

If you park at the Ti-Cats store on Jarvis, the comic book shop is just around the corner. Unfortunately although many seem like they are on King St, one is in Dundas, one is in Stoney Creek, one is downtown, and the Burden one is not all that far from the stadium (about a 20 minute walk).

Here is a link for you:

Jarvis St is actually just a east of the comic book store (A). It's not a through street but you can walk through the parking lot to get to King St from the Ti-Cats store. The Cat's store is worth the view either way.

Jackson square is also a little further west from the Comic Book store and I am sure you'll find a sports shop in there with Eskimos gear? Haven't been to Jackson Square in a while.

Wouldn't they be selling Eskimos gear at Ivor Wynne with them being the visitors that day? There is a Ti-Cats store at the stadium too. A couple of them, but one is in a tent in the north stands endzone. Top right corner if you are looking at the map of the stadium.

Enjoy your stay in the Hammer.

There is a sports clothing store in the mall right across the aisle form the Sheraton hotel that has a fair selection of CFL gear.

Thanks for the link, lpattison. That should help us out a lot!

For some reason I never thought of them selling merchandise at the stadium, but I guess they would be. :oops: :lol: I'll see what I can find. I'd like to get another Edmonton hat and a Hamilton hat since the Ti-Cats are my second favourite team.

In addition to the sources already described, there is usually a table selling some visiting team merchandise and misc. league memorobilia under the south stands. Not a huge selection though. Anyone know if that table is run by the Canadian Football Hall of Fame?

I just thought of another question: Is it OK to bring a digital camera into the stadium?

I'm not sure what the official policy is, but I see point-and-shoot style digital cameras all over the place at games. I'm guessing a dedicated "video" camera would be frowned upon, even though most modern point-and-shoot style cameras can also record video.

They do sell a Few Items of Vising Team Stuff.

8) Yes, that large table at the 55 yd line area under the South stands does sell stuff of different CFL teams. They should have some Edmonton apparel since the Eskimos are playing in this game !!
   I think that table is run by the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, because they usually have a HOF player there each game signing autographs at each game.  Saw Rocky DiPietro there signing 2 games ago.

  Also National Sports on Upper Wentworth has stuff from Edmonton, saw some coaches shirts there a couple of weeks ago  !!!

I have another question. When my brother and I come to town, we'll be using his GPS to get around the city, so I'm collecting addresses of the various places we'll be hitting. I couldn't find the address for Ivor Wynne on the Ti-Cats website, so I had to go to Wikipedia. Is this the correct address for Ivor Wynne Stadium: 75 Balsam Ave. North.


Excellent! Thank you!

Just another day and a half before the game! :smiley: