Tiger Town Sports

Did anybody else see the ad on TigerVision scoreboard for an upcoming Tiger Town Sports store in Limeridge Mall?

Looks like they'll be selling merch from a bunch of different sports/leagues (CFL, of course, and NHL, NFL). Great idea, in my opinion.

I hope they can make it work, its going to be hard though.
Sport Check has jerseys and clothing from all the leagues so your going head to head with them on all that.

A sports store on the upper level (across from the popcorn kiosk) in the Mall recently closed.

With so many sports stores around, I can't recal the name, but that would be a potential location for a Tiger Town outlet.

I noticed that last time I was at Limeridge. It was called the Sports Obsession, I think. I wondered myself if that was going to be the location.

there was a store with that name in St.Catharines at the Pen...haven't been in a while...not sure if it's still there...

Sports Obsession use to have a few locations but im pretty sure they only have the one location in Burlington now.

I hope they can do custom orders. I would love to have a Hamilton Bulldogs jersey without the Habs logo on it.

Apparently the store is opening tomorrow

The tweet

[url=http://twitter.com/#!/ticatsretail/status/108916061692366848]http://twitter.com/#!/ticatsretail/stat ... 1692366848[/url]

And a pic