tiger town boxing week sale?

anybody know if tiger town is having a boxing week sale. last year they hadsome great deals.

"Anyone, anyone" ?


Not sure why they didn't post this on the website, but its 50% off everything except jerseys for season ticket holders and 40% for everyone else...

As for tier one and tier two, they are paying the same rates... :rockin:

Is it the “Captain Fee” or “Facility Fee”? My deranged and rather senile brain is beginning to blend the two, or it could be the “McMaster Disaster Fee”, come to think of it. :wink:

Or the “Tier One, Tier Two come as you please fee”, I mean, let the imaginations run wild if you please. :stuck_out_tongue:

50 % OFF :rockin: I got some Cool Swag ! You cant beat 50 % OFF :thup:

Sense of humour already gone only one day after Christmas?

Bah, humbug!

Looking outside right now I'm not in a humorous mood thinking about shovelling tomorrow morning. Maybe I should have bought a snow blower afterall. :?

I'm looking out the window right now ....

I see a bright blue sky .. sun .. green grass ..a few palm trees ... couple kids riding bikes ...

dunno Earl looks beautiful here ... :lol:

Ten thousand comedians out of work, and here you are trying to be funny. :lol: Enjoy your good weather.

Im assuming the sale is now over?

I forgot all about it. I usually get reminded by the email they send out. But I didnt get an email or anything.