Tiger-Town Bound: Ticats down Argos in Eastern Final

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are headed home with one more game to play.

Dane Evans came in off the bench for Jeremiah Masoli in the second quarter and led the Ticats to a 27-19 win over the Toronto Argonauts in the Eastern Final, after trailing 12-0 at halftime.

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Cheers to the Hamilton Tiger Cats/fans



I have said all along - for 2 seasons now - both Masoli (Hamilton) and MacBeth (Toronto) are NOT CFL starting QBs.
Today I was proven correct (again) on both counts.
I will not support the Argos with Macbeth as their starter - end of story.
Also - overall Dinwiddie is a Bust.

DoubleBlueBoat said:

With the immense and painful beat down coming the TiCats way on Sunday, this ruling is the least of TICats’ fans worries. Would it be safe to say Argos by at least 55, and MBT doesn’t even play beyond the first quarter?

Good one, Nostradamus! But, you were right about one thing. MBT should have been taken out after the first quarter.

Watching the telecast I was upset at the TSN commentators and their obvious Bias for the Argos! Then the CFL Officials did everything they could to give Toronto the game. The roughing the passer call on Davis, the offside call with the finger tip questionable offside? was the icing on the cake to prove to me the Officials were in the Tank! CFL proves again it's a BUSH LEAGUE!

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Really? He took a pretty mediocre team with a starting QB switch midway through a shortened season and got them to 1st place in the East. Pretty successful first season if you ask me.

What about the interference NON-call on the defender on Brescanin at the end of the 2nd quarter - obvious interference and grabbing of helmet???
That hugely favored Hamilton.

No the refs and commentators did not show more support for the Argos - by any stretch - in fact the obvious was more support for Hamilton.

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