Tiger Towels

I arrived and entered the stadium through the Balsam gate at 6:30 pm. I was expecting to be one of the first 25,000 people to enter to get a Tiger towel, but sadly I was dissapointed to find out there weren't any left. Dissapointed, I went straight up to my seat and realized there couldn't have been more then 7 or 8 thousand people in the stadium. What happened to all the towels?



Remember the giveaways are spread out at all the gates, so maybe your gate was out but there was more at another gate...

i heard that the radio was saying the first 15,000

I got one. Their pretty alright i guess lol. Got it signed by Donnelly, Mariuz and Josten. Decent game overall.

The promotional schedule on the website says it's the first 25,000. I did quickly check the 2 other Balsam St. entrances and they were all out too.

I realize I'm stretching here for a 50 cent towel. But I love getting my hands on Tiger-Cat stuff.



i went in after 6 30 on the same gate as you but when i waked over to the other side they had some but me and my buddy got the last 2.

it sucked that barley ne1 was waving it around(N) we needed to promote it more n tell fans to wave them.. it sucked to see only a few people in each section wave em.

they should make the tiger-towel for sale on the team store. I would like to have one, but sadly I don't live in Hamilton. plus i'd probably buy another hat or something :slight_smile:

Darling Husband and I arrived about 45 minutes before the game started and we had to go on a mission to hunt down the towels - but eventually we found some! It was almost like going on a treasure hunt. That promotion went sour.

My daughter used hers for a scarf ,kept her warm!

A guy sitting near me had about 25 of the towels. Maybe that was the promotion - 25 towels each to the first 200 fans.

Kind of odd, but you never know what those zany Cats promotion guys will come up with. :wink:

A young girl from California, my Buddy's grandaughter, attending her first CFL game went home very happy. She had a great time and went home with at least 5 towels for her friends back home. She mooched them from other family members that took her. So at least 5 towels will show up in the San Diego area this coming week. TKS Cats.

My wife and I arrived at Melrose gate about 6:20...NON LEFT????

To add insult to injury though...I had a less than pleasuarable experience with one of the security people and one of Hamilton's "finest"???? (sic.) over 2, 12 ounce bottles of nestle "water" unopened!
But that's another story!!!!

4 season tickets...a non-drinker who travels 162ks one way to get to a game and they decide that I'm a criminal who should be put out...just as underage drunks with beer taped to their bellys to curse and swear and act like morons are allowed in! The police are pathetic! :thdn:

As far as the towels go...not a big deal to me...I've got a couple I bought last year anyway, and we sat with friends at Philthy's after the game and enjoyed the great food and atmosphere...and on the cheap :thup: :thup:

by my count, there should have only been about 300 or so people without towels, but it seems to me, maybe only about 300 or so actually got them.

We got ours outside the Balsam gate on the street around 5:50 ,then were offered two more inside ,declined,aren't we polite....?

Young people doing the hand outs,no problem.

yeh, it sucked, unless we can do it again next home game.. maby u guys at ticats can figure out a better system this time around..

I saw the towels thrown all over the place, on the ground and left on seats. My boyfriend went and picked one up, i got mine at the door @ 5:30...there seemed like there should have been enough

I got mine at 5:30 as well on the Beechwood Gates and they had tons of boxes plus they had Pioneer Party Crew people walking around handing them out to people as well. Those giveaways never last long By 6:15 there was a lot of people in the stadium and long lines were formed by the BBQ's.

I had my wife hide 2 bottle sof coke in the fornt of her jeans, wrapped a sweater around it and had her go to a Male security gaurd. They are not allowed to search woman down there. :thup:

I too, arrived at the Melrose gate at 6:20. . . . No towels! What gives?