Tiger Towel Give Away First 25 thousand

thats alot of towels! i thought it was only going to be the first couple thousand, great job by the cats to do this, its going to look awsome waving them around!!

How about the 25% off at Philthy's on game day!!!

I wonder if it is restricted to food only?
It says 25% off your bill.
Cheep booze...Yahooo!!

i hope they give out towels on the home opener.

Wish it wasn't just for game day, with a game at 7:00 not enough time after work to go there and eat and we don't go out after games.

Then start coming out after, then. There's quite a few ticats.ca members that go there after the games...

I would but I go to the games with my wife who calls the shots on this. Ok, I'm pussywhipped, I know.

Tell her that sometimes, we go easy on the spouses. She might actually enjoy meeting us. Consider it an invitation for HER, and you would just have to go along… lol


And that 25% really makes a difference on the bill. Last year, if we forgot our towel at home...we would buy another one for $4.00 at the game and it would more than pay for itself with our visit after the game!


I say Philthy's become the official unofficial away game and post game meeting place of the Ticats.ca community!

Jare :rockin: