Tiger Talk

The training camps in the CFL are a month away, the 2015 schedule is in place, Canadian Draft is coming up so what do Ti-Cat fans think about the upcoming season?

Who do Cat fans think will be strong in the East & West this year and what do our Tiger-Cats need to do to be winners and hopefully get to another Grey Cup and Win?

Lets here some comments or predictions about the upcoming year.

In the East:


Coming off a pretty good year last season for the first year QB Crompton, I think Montreal has really done well this off season in building up the offence with the signings of free agents like Fred Stamps, Nik Lewis, Sam Giguere and others to go along with S.J. Green and Brandon London, the additions along with a tough defence and pretty good special teams could make the Al's tough this year to beat.


From the basement last year and first year back in the league to where this year could be anyones guess but the team is certainly taking a good run during off season signings of wide receivers Ernest Jackson, Greg Ellingson, Chris Williams and others make the Redblacks a competive team this year and may make the playoffs for the first.


The Argo's lost a few players but have been able to sign a few new players, but still remain a question mark to how well they will play this year? Many questions still hang around ownership stability, and if Ray stays healthy or not to complete the season?


I think the big question for the Tiger-Cats this season will be on offence again. In 2014 we were last in red zone scoring in the CFL but still made it to the Grey Cup in a large part due to our great defence and special teams play. I'm sure the start of this season on the road again will either be good or bad, hopefully not like last year and once we are in at THF in August the team can pick up their winning record at home.

Zach Collaros is entering his second year, we have pretty much the same group of receivers, a few gone, a great new rushing combo in Gable, Grigsby and Woodson. The Cats need to overcome that obstacle and score more points this year and be a threat? Our defence and special teams are solid if we can get are offence on track this team could be tough to beat in the East.

In the West:

Calgary is still the 2014 Grey Cup champ and will be tough to beat again this season.

Saskatchewan I think has the potential to be very strong this season, especially having the best QB combo in the CFL in Durant and Glenn and a great core of receivers and veteran players.

Edmonton has the same problem as Toronto in keeping their starting QB healthy, if they can the Eskies have the potential to win games if not it could be a hit or miss year.

Winnipeg picked up a few free agents and made their team stronger and by signing Drew Willy to the extension. I think the Bombers are still growing and learning from second year coach Mike O'Shea but they certainly have the potential to finnish the year in a playoff spot if the starting players stay healthy.

BC I think will be the question mark team in the West this year, with a new head coach, coaches, new players etc it will be interesting to see how the team performs under a new system.