Tiger Dirt Needs Jersey # Suggestions

Fellow cat fan Tiger Dirt needs to replace his Maas (ick) and Moreno Jerseys.
So far all he can come up with is a retro Steve Stapler #80.

Make suggestions off the current roster of someone who might still be here next year and is credible for a Jersey purchase...

Caulley. Lumsden may leave after this season and then Caulley will be the starting runningback.

I don’t know who will even be here next year.

Lumsden will be gone via free agency.

Printers will try to go back to the NFL after next year.

Caulley is a possibility

William is good too

I have actually ordered my Stapler jersey. He was a hero of mine growing up. I won’t be wearing it at the hall of fame game cuz I have a flutie boston college jersey so probably at the following game.

Any other suggestions?

Stapler was awesome. My fave Ticat when I first became a fan.

In general, my philosophy is to go with classic Canadians. Good luck finding any on the current roster.

Gagne-Marcoux potentially? Show what a football-savvy, in-the-know uber733t fan you are by choosing a guard's jersey. :wink: :wink: :wink:

my buddy was debating between dykowski and bauman, went with bauman, smarter choice

but with Giguere getting drafted, who knows how long chris will be with us

I wanna go with a new style jersey and get Mosca on the back...I think that'd be cool.

00 as in UH-OH

Marwin 62 ..

28, because Lumsden is the best player on the team.

How about a blank jersey... then you can pretend what number your wearing... and if the guy gets traded... no biggie. :lol:

I have to agree I will NEVER buy a personalized jersey again!!!


You may be on to something. Can we teach the receivers the secrets of yogic flying? :wink:

I got Hitchcock because he can't be traded and he was the last of the big hitters on the Ticats. Oh and his jersey was cheap as sin.