Tiger-Cats will beat the Eskies

You guys got a great shot to win if you can keep it close going into the late 3rd/early 4th quarter. Thats when our Defence tends to pack it in early and let the game slip away, like this evening in TO.

wow - Kerry Joseph threw for over 390 Yards against the Esks and he ran for 118 Yards!!

Losing Fred Perry don't help the Esk.
He got for 5 to 6 Weeks or More with Disloced Ankle..

But where not 3rd with Argo win..

And it looks like Fred Perry won't be playing for the Esks next week. I only saw the 4th quarter of the game, and that injury he took in it (said to be a dislocated ankle) looked nasty.

In that 4th quarter, there was much pressure being put on Ray, and I think the Ticat D won't have as hard a time against the Edmonton offence than they did against the Calgary offence. And on the other side of the ball, it'll of course be good to have Lumsden (and Cavka) back. If Joseph can get that many rushing yards, I expect Lumsden to get quite a few. I am predicting a much-needed Ticat win. Because if the blue team can beat the Esks...

I don't know what you guys are smoking, but I sure would like some of it, cause you are sounding like Alice in Wonderland.
You just don't get it.
The coaching stinks, & it is not getting better.

How do you go with a zone defense, & get burned everytime?
Again, they cannot figure out how to make adjustments at half-time.
If the Cats are down 14-0 early, the game is over.
There is absolutely no consistency on this Team.
I am seeing the Team trending south, not north.
O.K. - I am going away now, to cool off....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
8) I agree with you, what ever some of these guys are smoking, it sure must be real good stuff !!!
Predictions of Blowouts, shootouts, and routs, just unbelievable !!!  Halarious !!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

After watching the game Today I would say the double Blue are back! Kudos to Kavis Reed for a good job with the D and it looks like the Esks are going to be tough in all areas even though they will be banged up.

I'm not convinced that we can win this game.

Here are a few areas of concern against EDM:

  • we have no pass rush, Ricky Ray can pick our D apart if he is allowed to sit back there with more than 4 seconds

  • TRISTAN JACKSON - this guy is dynamite and will score at least one TD via kick-off or punt return. Never mind missed field goals. If Setta misses any field goals on Friday, then look out. Why can't we find a return guy like this one????

  • EDM's D stopped TOR 2nd and short 3 times. I really hope our coaches watched this b/c handing it off to get 2 yards is not going to work so easily. We NEED to use play action on 2nd and short.

How can you people predict what each player is going to do? I love how some of you are gauranteeing a win and others are so down on this team you don't think we have a chance. I'm not going to gaurantee a win but I know this team can beat any team any week.

chris 101, you have of course got it "right", there's no predicting with any certainty about which team will have i together on game day!

Just as the Argo's vaunted defence stunk under Kavis, because he's a new coach, and it takes him some time to "learn" his players in actual game circumstance, so does it take the Cat's coaching staff some "time" to figure out individulal players, let alone offensive schemes devised against them...changing coaches or players just adds to salary cap issues and adds nothing to ther exprience or player to player comraderie needed to have a succesful team

I will cheerfully grant that the OC and DC have called the plays for too long