Tiger-Cats will beat the Eskies

I feel confident about this one.

The Calgary loss was a short week with travel out west and without Jesse.

Against Edmonton, we will have a longer than usual week, have Jesse back and Edmonton will have the short week with their 2nd consecutive road game which will be against us.

I think this adds up to a Hamilton win.

I feel good about it, I really do.

Absolutely agree

I bet we're going to see another 200 yard game for Jesse, with 500 yards total offense for the Cats

It'll be a shoot-out or a blow-out. Either way, it'll be a good show in Hamilton and the Cats will be 2-3.

If He Plays We have good Shot
I Hope Your Right Kirk

They couldn`t have played worse last night. With that being said.

I have to agree Capt`n. I feel good feeling about this game coming up. I think they got the bad one out of the way. They will prepare hard and I think Hamilton will come out gunning and win this.

Wouldn't it be great if Maas ended up being the QB?

(not that I'm wishing any harm to Ray)

Count me IN, and take it to the BANK !!

All the DOUBTERS and HATERS will see the true CHARACTER this team possesses, next week.


This is one of the ones on the schedule most fans looked at and said they should win. I figured 6 wins this year and that is one that I figured on. I expected the calgary loss but this edmonton game should be a win.

Agreed Meanstreak,

So we had a bad game. No excuses, but I believe we have a good team. In my opinion, Calgary is one of the best in league. Like many people have said. This team has forgotten how to win and once we start doing that, look out! It`s all about the confidence.

I think Printers is a good quarterback. He will prove that against Edmonton. Tre Smith made mistakes. Hey, lets give the guy a break. Hell be back next game.

For some reason, I think were going to take it to the Eskies.

I really hope i get proved wrong but weren't we supposed to blow out the injured Riders as they were playing on a short week , lost 3 starters, were using a 3rd string QB , AND we also had a extra day to prep for the game !

I didn't think so. I definatley thought it was winnable, but unlike some I didn't expect a cake walk.

What is a cake walk, anyway?

I’m not so sure. Ricky Ray has the ability to torch or D the same way the Stamps and Riders did.

If our defence plays the same, I’m not even sure 200 yards from Lumsden and 300 from Printers will be enough, but there is no question we’d be in the game with an offensive performance like this.

At this point, it’s impossible to predict what this team will do. I hope we beat the Esks and I’ll be there, but I won’t be chalking up the two points for this game or any game for that matter.

I don't feel so good about this one.

What makes you think Ricky Ray won't pick apart our defence just as the Stamps did?

Here you go
Cakewalk is a traditional African American form of music and dance which originated among slaves in the Southern United States. The form was originally known as the chalk line walk; it takes its name from competitions slaveholders sometimes held, in which they offered slices of hoecake as prizes for the best dancers.[1] It has since evolved from a parody of ballroom dancing to a "fun fair" like dance where participants dance in a circle in the hopes of winning a free cake.

Jordon02 wrote,

I don't feel so good about this one.

What makes you think Ricky Ray won't pick apart our defence just as the Stamps did?

I think the Cats will win. this is why....

The Cats havent won at home yet. Everybody is slagging the defence. Casey hasnt thrown a touchdown pass. The Cats feel they have a lot to prove. They are due for a big game!! I`m predicting the win.

I truly hope all of you that are predicting a win next week against the Esks are right. It's just that, for the longest while, whenever the 'Cats come back for a home game, after getting their butts whipped (especially out west), they always seem to come out flat. Just when you think they are gonna come out all fired up and P.O'd from the latest debacle, it always looks like they would rather be lying down under a tree in Gage Park. Make no mistake, the Eskimo game is a MUST win, and should be a true barometer of where our season is headed. Go Cats Go!!!

I am sure he will but hopefully for once the cats offence can outscore someone. Lumsden will be back and the new target P-Rod looks good.

I explained that in the original post.

We're coming off a long week.

Edmonton will be coming off of a short week and will not be going home as this will be their second consecutive road game.

Well I can't say that we will beat Edmonton or not because I don't know. Remember many predicted an easy win against the Riders? But with Jesse back and a long week we have a much better chance against Edmonton. Ray is very dangerous and will have a big game. The thing is they are one dimensional on offense as well. They have no running game to speak of, so I believe we will try to play ball control offense. I don't think we want to get into a shoot out against Edomonton. If we can control the ball, hold the ball for 35 minutes of the game and execute with high efficiency in the redzone, then I say we have a good chance.

Yes There Practicing at Mac this week.

Great thread, guys!

Watching Edmonton play the Argos, and their special teams are pretty dynamite...I know the TiCats have upgraded here, but with our single win being against the very lackluster Blue Team, its a point of concern...

Our debatable three man front against Rickey Ray, whose ability to throw the short high percentage passes all day is going to be a BIG test of our D...

I grant the point that Tony Miles and company are slowly and gradually getting it together with Casey on timing and routing, but you gotta wonder if we have the horses in place to get it done, because Kerry Joseph is looking pretty good tomight.

I know we have Jesse supposedly back in action this week, but its not reasonable to place all the pressure on him to win games.

Toronto is looking like a winner tonight and that places them ahead of us, so the pressure is "on" to win this one, because sooner or later, Wpg are going to break out of the slump and if we don't snag some quick wins, we are going to be back in the cellar (mind, Toronto is up against Sask next week, and I'm betting heavily that Sask will hand them a loss)

Should be an exciting match up!