Tiger - Cats will be better this year. Read for proof.

I have proof that the tabbies will be much better this year. My proof is 100% positive. Jake Ireland has retired, we're going to be much better. More wins, no more bad calls.

We'll be better regardless as well. Forgot to mention that... haha

ROTFL :lol:

Do you think he is the only ref that made bad calls? He's not..

Ireland, from Hamilton, went out of his way to prove that he's not a Hamilton homer by missing calls against teams that played Hamilton, and by calling an average of 2-3 fictional calls against Hamilton EVERY GAME HAMILTON played.

We're glad you're gone, Ireland. Even the incompetent Andre Proulx is better than you!

Good points...

HEY, that rhymes! I like it... :thup: :lol: :lol: :thup:

Even Proulx, is terrible when it comes to reffing the Ti-Cats.. But like someone posted above, these guys were not the only ones to make horrible calls.

I think Jake takes a lot of unjustified heat.

  1. We are all homers and see things very 1 sided

  2. If he was soooooooooooo bad he wouldn't have done it for over 30 years

  3. He isn't the only ref on the field who makes calls. He is just the one who has to announce it. Can you name another official besides the head guys? I can think of 2, Don Cousins and Ron Foxcrofts brother.

I am not saying that he is the greatest ref or worst ref in the world. He was a ref who called what he saw.

If you think that these guys are doing such a bad job, then why don't you start reffing minor football and work your way up to the CFL.

Goodbye Jake!

It seemed like the Proulx crew (that rhymes too) had the most requested replays and calls reversed. Just based on my virtually infallible memory.

A truly excellent post. Well said.

Someone else metioned Ron Foxcroft's brother, its not. It's his Son Dave Foxcroft, #30. He's not bad either. At least he hasn't had any bad calls against us.

P.S. Argos Suck

I could be wrong, but Ireland is not out of hair (fur?) just yet. He could be in charge of the CFL's centralized video-replay reviews for challenged calls. So even when he's not calling the games on the field, he can still drive us nuts by remote.

Does anyone know if the changes described in this article were made?