Tiger-Cats Website overhaul

Congratulations to Bob and his crew on the new website. Probably the nicest most logical and clean site I've seen of any sports team. :thup:

I'm jealous :wink:

Agreed. Still a few shortcomings (no player stats for this year, no separate text-only news list, no transaction list, no link to the main CFL site, videos not working on some devices), but it's getting there. The lack of current player stats is probably the one that bothers me the most at this point.

By the way, there is already a thread dedicated to the new website. Mods, any chance of moving this post there?

And the cheerleaders! Need more cheerleaders!

Yes very good. My only comment is about the links from the forums to the main CFL site and the other team sites which is located next to and behind the Ticat logo, the links are very faint and almost impossible to see, does anyone else have that problem?

Jim, at the bottom of this page there is a “jump to” box that is loaded with all the sites

I didn’t even see these until now. And the only ones I can get to are CFL, LCF, BC and Edmonton. Of course you can get to all of them from the main CFL site, so it is there, sort of.

The Jump To takes you to all the other forums, not to the teams’ websites.

I also just noticed that clicking on the CFL logo at the bottom of the Ticats main page opens up the CFL main site, which has the links to the rest of the teams’ websites, as well as the current stats for all players, including those on the Ticats, and the transaction list. So there are workarounds for most of the issues, although not quite as convenient as the should be.

Used to be able to go back to the Tiger cat site main page from the forum directly.

On this new version, I can't seem to do that. I have to go back to Google and start over.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you.

Yes, I use that all the time but that is to other forums, my comment was jumping to the Ticats site, not "forums.ca" where you can buy tickets, Ticat news , players etcetc

Among the things mentioned, by others, above, I do not see, at all, never mind "very faintly," any "links located next to and behind the TiCat logo," or the "jump to" box, or even a "CFL logo at the bottom of the TiCats' main page." And, I must disagree with the generally good comments about the changes to the site. IMHO, what we have now is nowhere near as good and useful as what we had before.

It’s going on three months now, since the website overhaul, so I guess we can consider what we see to be the finished product.
It may be more appealing, visually, to some, or even many, but I find it lacking, compared to what we had before. With fewer links, one would think it would be easier to keep up it to date. However, today, between games 13 and 14, I clicked on “Statistics, for “2015 Statistics,”” and was surprised to see that “Andy Fantuz is our leading receiver, C.J. Gable is our your leading rusher and Jeff Mathews has thrown 4 passes this season.”

It should read Matthews has thrown only 4 GOOD passes this season :wink: