Tiger -Cats "waterboy" turns 18 today.....

Happy Birthday Dylan! :rockin:

Sandy says to say Happy Birthday too! (now just remember that I saw her first) :wink:

Dylan...you are quite the "Ladies Man"! :lol:

thank's for all the birthday wishes,i got a digital camera for my birthday.but like i said the big present will come firday for me,a ticat win :rockin:

Congrats to ya Dylan,happy birthday,now dont let being the waterboy STRESS you out!! LOL,things could be worse,all ya got to do is look at Vinnie to tell you that!!! :rockin: Enjoy your day,onceagain congrats

happy birthday dylan
lets hope your friday wish comes true.

just want to thank you all for the great and wounderful birthday wishes today,all of you guys are great ticat fans,and like i said the best present for me will come firday night,thanks again ticat fans for the birthday wishes,and go cats go,see you all firday

Happy 18th birthday Dylan. Hope you have had a great day and an even better year.

Sorry, I thought this was another post about Maas.

Sorry, I thought this was another post about Maas.
Why?? Honestly, why do that??


The cats have blames everything under the sun for their 0-5 start. Is anyone really safe Dylan?

Your an idio..............

Happy Belated B-day Dillon

Happy Birthday Dylan :slight_smile: