Tiger -Cats "waterboy" turns 18 today.....

Yup, Dylan Atack, champion "fluid distribution technician" for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats has a huge birthday today!

Happy 18th Dylan!



.thanks mikey for the birthday wishes,feel's good to be 18 today,and the bigest birthday present will come firday for me,a huge ticat win :rockin:

Happy b-day Dylan. 18 already?? Now stay out of trouble. :wink:

kinda of hard to stay out of trouble :wink:

8) Happy 18th Birthday old buddy !!!! :thup:

Hey, Dylan. Happy Birthday!!

thanks tipper and justaguy :slight_smile:

Have a FANTASTIC Birthday Dylan...I'm sure the CATS will give you your BIG present this Friday...Go TICATS GO!!!!

If you can throw a football more than 20 yards, they may even let you play.

Happy Birthday anyway!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Happy birthday Dylan!

Happy Birthday, Pickleman!

Unless your birthday has been
declared a City holiday

you better show up
to work today, pickleman.

Those guys will need their water at practice.

There will be plenty of time to consume
your liquid of choice after practice.


By the way, you are not 19 yet.

Your choice is restricted to
what YOU can BUY at Timmy's.

unfortunatley i have to work tonight :cry: 39 cent wing night tonight,but you can bet i'll presume my regular duties tomowow at ticat practise doing what i love doing

Happy Birthday Dylan! Keep up the good work buddy. We'll see you this Friday and we're looking forward to the train trip.


Oh my, Mike Bragg. Weren't you working that Tigertown (in Ottawa?) when we were all overcome by sewage stench?

(Happy Birthday Dylan!)

Happy Birthday Dylan…finally 18, remember to behave yourself!

have a great day!


Happy Birthday Dylan. Have a great day and behave yourself.

hey Dylan, have a great birthday...you have an awesome job dude! :rockin: :rockin: It would be sooooo cool to have a job like that..yeah I'm sure the cats will win friday for ya!!

Have a great birthday man! You've got a sweet job too...The cats will win in honour of your birthday :rockin:

Have a great birthday man! You've got a sweet job too...The cats will win in honour of your birthday

wishing you all the best on your b'day i feel your b'day wish will come on friday regards paul "pigskin pete" weiler