Tiger-Cats Vs. The Media!

The media have once again climbed on the bandwagon to declare the Ottawa Redblacks the winners of the East Division Final in Ottawa on Sunday against the Tiger-Cats.

From CBC Sports: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/r ... -1.3327340

The host Ottawa Redblacks (12-6) will defeat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10-8) in the East final on Sunday at TD Place.

Welcome to the Henry Burris show, where everything the 40-year-old Ottawa QB does affects everything else and, if you need it, he can do a killer impression of a hoser.

A killer impression of a hoser? Seriously, Wow the hoser better show up Sunday or get hosed by the Tiger-Cats!!

CFL Match Up Prediction: Advantage Ottawa http://www.cfl.ca/article/2015ef

CFL Pick Em Centre for the Eastern Finals and TSN say Ottawa Redblacks favoured at 81% to Hamilton Tiger-Cats at 19%

The CFL writers in favour of Ottawa, Steinberg, Landry, Morris, Nye, Cauz, Dunk

The Lone CFL Writer in Favour of the Tiger-Cats, Pedersen

In a battle of Hamilton's elite defence vs. Ottawa's high-flying offence, both the writers and fans are giving the nod to the future Hall of Famer in Henry Burris rather than first-time starter Jeremiah Masoli.

Masoli showed well in leading a comeback victory over the Argos in the Eastern Semi-Final, but Burris is the leading candidate to win Most Outstanding Player and at age 40 is having one of the best years of his career. The REDBLACKS also have the mental edge of having already beaten Hamilton twice late in the season, while they also have the added benefit of being well-rested and healthy coming off the bye.

The Ticats will have their hands full but will be sure to make it a battle, especially with a scrappy defence and special teams that can turn the game in an instant.

Chris Williams "It's hard to Game plan for us"

Let them say what they will its there job to create a story for next so it will be the experience of the cats that beat ottawa

Virtually every newspaper story that I've read on the web this week says Ottawa is undefeatable. Can't wait to see the Ticats shock the sold out crowd at TD Place.

Glad to see the media talking CFL which they should be with the Eastern/Western final games tomorrow.
Being an injured under-Cat(dog) team I'm happy the media is all over Hank,he deserves some accolades ,they have a lot of talent ,some of the talent is veery familiar to us here in Hamilton.
Back to the media ,I watched CHCH Hamiltons Sportsline Friday night ,heard not one mention of the CFL ,no predictions ,nothing!Did I miss it?Hope so because I can not understand why a Hamilton Station CHCH would not even cover the Eastern final?
Luckily Ken Welch does an outstanding job on the CH sports cast ,I never miss it,thanks Ken!
Then you turn on TSN's Off The Record,no CFL coverage ! Hope the CBC picks up the CFL broadcast rights again some day.

Glad to be an under-dog team again, with a break or two ,"we can do this! <!-- s:cowboy: -->:cowboy:<!-- s:cowboy: -->"

Can’t blame them for their predictions. It certainly looks bad for Hamilton. We’re pretty banged up.

Yes you are correct, I don't know why Ticat fans would be upset when the media picks Ottawa........ :roll: :roll:
Two weeks ago in the first place showdown Burris threw 6 TD passes close to 400 yards with another 100 yards plus rushing against the Ticat D. Ottawa had 4 or 5 sacks and shut down the Ticat offense and this week the Ticats are injured and weaker, Ottawa is healthy and had a weeks rest, yet some Ticat fans believe that the media is against Hamilton??? Really? what do you expect the media to print?

Wait for the TSN broadcast to start, then you will see an Ottawa love fest. The panel might even be wearing plaid jackets. But remember they are neutral professional broadcasters.

Any CFL fan (not a Ti-Cats fan) would think the members of the panel were nuts to think Hamilton will win this game. That's not showing a bias or forming a lovefest, it is just sound thinking based on recent past performance. Of course, as Ti-Cats fans, we will not like what they have to say. But, they don't play the game, the players do. So stop worrying what people are writing or saying. Just sit back and enjoy the game.

Of course, Hebsie and Bubba will chortle on Monday IF Hamilton loses. I stopped listening to those clowns a long time ago.
OR has been cancelled

I agree with TeddyFay.

This isn't bias, it's common sense. Ottawa finished first, we didn't. They beat us pretty clearly recently, twice in a row. They're playing at home. They have their first string QB, we're on our second, or is it fourth? Of course we're the underdog. It would be silly to pretend otherwise. That's OK, I like being the underdog, it makes winning all the sweeter.

Being a huge biased Ticat fan, even I have to agree that Hamilton is a huge underdog for this game. We all know that the leader of a football team is the QB and we are riding our 3rd/4th stringer to lead us to victory, combined with a starting defensive lineman out of the lineup and a banged up receiving core. I can understand why Ottawa is favoured but if Hamilton wins this game it will be all the much sweeter and a huge story for the Grey Cup. I believe we can win this, but we'll definately need a few bounces going our way. Hopefully the refs can call a good neutral game and let the players on the field choose their fate.

I don't mind losing but not by controversial calls. Good luck Cats, eat em raw!!!

Hey, In My opinion they owe us a few make up calls!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll take every controversial call in our favour we can get! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Then we can watch Henry (Its all about Me) cry.

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 48s49 seconds ago
Burris admits last 2 Gs vs #Ticats his departure from HAM motivated him. Now? "I want a #GreyCup 4the people who sacrifice 4me" #REDBLACKS

I agree with loyalticatfan - Bradbury and whoever else was on the crew in the last game in Ottawa did seem to toss a few extra flags our way and there was the “dubious” (at best) OPI call on Underwood that killed a drive so let’s hope that they can be as objective and accurate as possible and not miss or call anything that has the potential to be a game changer. They are SUPPOSED to be the highest rated officials who have the privilege to still be working in the playoffs. It will never be prefect but let’s hope that it can at least be close.

As for Hank who seems to think that he needs to continue to dump on the team that let him walk into the kind of contract term and $$$ that he wanted and WASN’T going to get here (Come on Hank - you SHOULD be grateful!!!)

  • the Ticats are looking for a Grey Cup for the guys who have worked their butts off for the past three years in spite of plenty of adversity. He sure didn’t help us get one when he was here. He can wait and maybe have his swan song in 2017! :roll:

At least some are talking "CFL"...I'm already over-saturated with hockey...I just hope the winner can go west and bring back the "Grey Cup"...win or lose I'll still love "The Cats"...Cheers to all our fans!

Hey when aren't they talking hockey?? I'm sure there is some kind of hockey story 365 days of the year!!!!! :roll: :roll: :x
Of course when the season is underway, it is "information over load" for those of us who don't (and maybe even a few who do) watch or care for the game.

A "Big Cheers" to you on that one!

Why wouldn't the media have a field day with Ottawa? It's a great story....from nothing to playing for a berth in the Grey Cup game in just two seasons!
For tomorrows game, the media view the Tiger-Cats as the same old ....and how can we compete with the swiftness of Ottawa's success?
No problem for me. I see this game as the same as last week's. The Blue team looked better before the game and we were banged up with with an inexperienced QB. Same thing again this week.
So....the same prediction for me: ANYTHING can happen. Including a win by us. :smiley:

Might as well not even bother showing up for this game, apparently it's already been decided , just a waste of every bodies time it seems , just book the REDBLACKS flight to the Peg and be done with it . As you can see below only 19% of fans think we can actually win this game tomorrow. :roll: :smiley: LOVE IT!!! :rockin: :rockin: Bring it On :rockin: UNDERDOGS !!! or is that UNDERCATS ??? :smiley: :rockin: I mean what chance do we really have ? Everybody knows that these REDBLACKS are an unstoppable unbeatable machine with a rich history of playoff success and experience on their side :roll: :cowboy: Oh woe is me !!! What are we do to ??? Were totally Screwed in this game and are going to get destroyed by this Powerhouse gang from Ottawa.........SCREW the Media :lol: Who gives a flying flap what they and everybody else thinks. :cowboy: The last time I looked we are the 2 time defending East Champions and are the ones with all the playoff experience and history on our side. Like Ric Flair always said..... To Be the man you have to BEAT the Man !!!! So bring it on REDBLACKS we will be quivering in our boots :roll: BUT we will be ready for ya !!!!!!! The bigger question is...Will you be ready for us ???? GO CATS GO !!!
Better Dead then BLACK "n " RED.


im sick of the doubters on media,,,no respect,,this team has a lot of heart,,,according to the media cats have already lost (like last week). game is played on the field thank goodness,,,,another thing burris is whining how he got shafted by ticats,,,but what about when he went to ottawa,,which so happens caused the departure of kevin glenn,,,quit your whining hank.

Burris got a big raise when he was signed by Ottawa...he should thank Austin for releasing him.