Tiger-Cats vs the Checkerboards P-B-P Thread

20-7. Good grief....what a dismal performance. :thdn:

And just look at Ottawa's players: Madu, Ellingson, Burris etc. Even Marcel Desjardins. It's hindsight ....but what were we thinking?

Austin is responsible , he is the one who cuts really good players , Ellisngson , Madu , Norwood , Bakari , and on and on , I travel 600 km return and have platinum season seats to witness Austins crap fooball decision s , but no more . How many seats do you have ?

Austin's way or no way but Ottawa is taking advantage of Austin's dumbness. Bob, seriously, Austin is way overrated as a judge of talent and intelligence.

Totally agree with you on that!

Yep , you go it Earl , hire me , I can lose football games and I will do it for free.

Well, I understand that Ellingson and Grant were not cut, they were free agents who signed with other teams after those teams outbid us for them. I understand there was not enough cap space to sign them. And the receiving corps would not be an issue if it weren't for injuries to two of the better players in it.

Alright, time for this Ticat team to get into this game so that people at THF won't want to go home to catch the Jays game. (Right now, there is no score on the top of the 2nd inning.)

Well, Simoni was smiling during that interview, he does not seem too worried.

Ottawa starts this half at their 21. Would be nice to see good start be D with them not letting Ottawa advance far from there.

It's really hard to keep the crowd in the game to throw off the OTTRBs when the team is trailing and not making the plays that it needs to make. Here's hoping for a better second half. A pick 6 maybe. Another good drive and TD or 2?? More pressure by the D - might have just gotten that as Hank is 2 and out.

Speedy has a GREAT return too.

OK, a two and out as Burris overthrew Ellingson on 2nd down. Only the 2nd two and out for Ottawa offence tonight.

And punt return by Banks starts us in Ottawa' half of the field. Gotta build on this.

TD CHILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could he have been any more open?

Nice seeing Mathews gain a few more than he needed on 2nd and 1, bouncing off defenders.

Next play: Masoli to Chiles for TD!

This is our half!

CHILES TD!!! WIDE OPEN IN THE END ZONE!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

It needs to be. Hopefully this TD can get the crowd back in it so that noise becomes a factor for Hank and his cronies.

You are right , they were not cut , they were unwanted and were not even tried to be resigned.

Looks like Jackson is injured on that tackle which might take him out as returner. Could be an advantage - and the Ticats need all the help they can get.

And that was the first TD since that one early on the 1st quarter. That must've made them believe they can get this done, and they needed that morale boost.

Gotta keep that "momentum" going with defence getting it done again. Need to find a way to get into Hanks face? Just getting basics right would be nice too.

Ellingson found himself behind other talented receivers as did Grant. Just who would you have given up to keep either of them?? Sinkfield?? Toliver?? Tasker??


YEAH got them off the field. That's better D. Just have to get some FP back here and Speedy does it but almost loses the ball. Glad he was already down by contact on that one. Can't afford another turnover.

No flag for DPI on the 2nd down play, but no challenge flag out either.

And no flags on that nice Banks return to midfield either! Ottawa says they recovered fumble, but looks like he was down first.