Tiger-Cats vs the Checkerboards P-B-P Thread

What the hell is wrong with Banks , he not even trying

Will the second half belong to the Ticats? One can only hope. They sure have to get something going here but again have a long field after Banks gets driven back. :frowning:

Atkinson kinda got blocked into a low hit. Unfortunately, it’s an automatic call. If you’re gonna get a RTP penalty, you might as well make it count and put the QB out of the game…

horrible decision by Masoli. game might as well be over.

And Austin shakes his head again and collects another portion of his 750 K paycheque.

Great catch by Toliver but he gets upended and goes limping off - NOT GOOD And then a pick??

Does the D not realize that you can’t leave Ellingson wide open???

Our team sucks. D couldn't stop the Mac team.

Austin isn't out there making the plays and having half our receiving corps decimated sure doesn't help. Of course that doesn't explain the D

FINALLY SACK CHICK AND FUMBLE/RECOVERY by our guys. Not going to be any good if they can't get some offense going though!

Hi folks.

I could see why one would think that players like Asher Hastings and Dan Vandervoort could have good games against our D.

But Burris sacked and we recover fumble! First play after that: Big play on pass to Tolliver gained us 26 yards!

Then Masoli throws and armpunt into the end zone. Just when you thought this was where this team was getting into it.

OMG,brutal! :o

Raymond knows how to tackle!

Yup going just great until another pick by the OTTRB defense. Hank almost gave it back - If only our DBs could consistently catch. Looks like most of the penalties are going our way too - against a team that has been known to take plenty of them at times, Hank's almost made it all the way down the field again! :frowning:

Too bad Davis doesn't. He's letting Criner run wild

We caught a break as Criner dropped an easy one in the end zone on 2nd down. Milo got the FG, so that drop took four Ottawa points off the board.

20-7 Ottawa with 16 seconds left in the half. Time to play catch-up yet again.

That was a difficult first half to watch as a Cats fan.

I would pull Emanuel Davis from the game. He has missed several tackles, and has been burned for long passes multiple times.

Burris has all day to throw back there. Not impressed with our pass rush tonight.

Too many missed tackles and too much bad coverage by the defence that half.

It also looked like Masoli made some mistakes that Zach would not have made, and this team missing two of its best receivers also hurts.

So, what are the adjustments that needed to be made? Can this team make another comeback? They must. If they can't get this win tonight , what makes them think they can get it next week in Ottawa?

The DBs need to be covering these OTTRB receivers more closely. Most of the time they are WIDE OPEN.

Aside from a good opening drive and an almost good drive in the final few minutes of the half the offense has been almost nonexistent and the defense can't seem to get a stop to save their lives aside from that one by Chick.

Not an insurmountable hole to climb out of but they have to put some drives together, STOP the turnovers and get Hank off the field much faster. Don't think I want to see the ToP numbers for the first half. Not going to be pretty.