Tiger-Cats vs the Checkerboards P-B-P Thread

Since the game’s already on, I thought I should start one… lol

They kept the ball on the ground for most of the opening drive, then a 35-yd TD to Tolliver!

FYI theres a thread on CFL Talk :slight_smile:

I'd rather chat here! Thanks for posting this. Surprise, surprise Vaughn just made a play :o :o that kept the OTTRBs to a FG.

I have a feeling that since both teams have suspect secondaries this could be a bit of a shoot out!


obvious fumble...

Andy and Chiles with their first catches of the game.

Looks like a fumble and turn over by Andy - a VERY rare occurrence! :frowning: Bad Hank starting to show up here! 2 and out!

good stand by the D :rockin:

Not liking the FP for the second drive in a row here and they just dodged another turnover and can't make the FD. Advantage to the OTTRBs in FP

ok D we need another stop

They need another one here but Sinopli dodges the defender to pick up the FD :frowning: YEAH RAYMOND!!

Tracy seems to take those offsides a bit too often and that one definitely wasn't well timed :x

we need a stop, come on guys.

Hank seems a little off on some of his throws here. Hope that's from our D pressure but it's not enough to stop the score :frowning:

right now the D is know where to be found. The offence needs to pick it up also.

Unfortunately not. Hope that our guys can start out with some better FP this drive. Hank only had half a field to work down for that score.

2 and out - and here I foolishly thought that the OTTRB D had issues. Silly me! :frowning:

They don't seem to understand the urgency .....why am I not suprised

Let's hope that our D can get them stopped quickly this time! Can't allow another score - even a FG IMO


RTP sure doesn’t help and Hank adds to the total. NOT GOOD :x Didn’t see the RTP replay but I doubt it was anything like the one that put Collaros out! :x

how fustrating