Tiger-Cats vs the blew team Play-by-Play Thread #3.

Hayden Moore gets the start.
Pretty much the backup O-line.
Opportunity to win our 15th game this season.

Besides, it’s the blew team - we can’t lose to them…

we got this.

I expect a raucous crowd tonight.

we need to stay warm and dry!

The D is going to have another big game. Hopefully a couple pick 6’s. Go Cats!!!

looking forward to seeing what Moore can do.

At a Forge viewing party at Stonewall’s… 12 min. to go to a CPL championship for Forge. Then on to the stadium for the Cats!

Change of gear in the car. ?


Now the Cats!

What a match! Lots of controversy, but the Wheeldon boys dirty tricks all went for nought.

Even wet we will be raucous!

OK Cats lets go kick some butt

the D starting off the right way

the O not starting as planned

Good to see Marshall back.


Ouch, not a good start for Hayden :frowning:

TD this drive and we lead ;D


Come on guys… Don’t be surprised, Moore is known for throwing interceptions in his College days.

Interesting way to ice the kicker.

That fumble might be overturned. It looked like he was down before he lost the ball.