Live on TSN…

will some one please tell Tre Smith to learn how to hang on to a god damn football.....its like he's the second coming of Demetrius Bendross

Live on TSN...
Not the 'Cats. They're dead on TSN.

^ lol

Great catch by Lewis in the endzone.

my guts telling me don't count out the Tabbies yet....Calgary's not putting them away

Hamilton is sure picking a bad time to regress back to last year's team....

Hamilton could make their own football follies cd from this game.

It's looking ugly for the Cats.

Man is Printers ever horrible.....

Don't count out those Ti-Cats.

Now if the Ti-Cats could only find a way to stop Burris, Rambo, Lewis, and Reynolds from playing the rest of this game. If they can do that than i truley believe they come back and win this game. Its that simple. :wink:

Are you saying that as a hedge if the Stamps dont come out for this half?

To be honest.........No.

Hamilton looks awful defensively, and not a whole lot better offensively.

Printers looks jumpy on every play.

The stamps O can make alot of defences look bad.

So can Denny Creehan :wink:


The man has a gift. Thats for sure.

Wow Sorry T Cat fans but like I said Denny Crehan defenses lose you the game in the first half. Look back at the three years he was here in Calgary and the Stamps had to play catch up football with his defenses. I feel for you guys your great fans.
also with out Lumsden that is a tough. I guess Casey is wrong your offense is based on the run do not give up.