Tiger-Cats vs. Stampeders Play-by-play Game Thread

I thought I'd post this, as it does not seem right to not have a game thread so soon before the opening kickoff.

WHAT – Gameday at IWS, Tiger-Cats vs. Stampeders

WHO – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders

WHY – The first win of the Tiger-Cats' season (hopefully)

WHERE – Ivor Wynne Stadium

WHEN – Friday, July 14th, at 7:30p.m. EDT

HOW – Television: TSN

Radio – CHML 900KHz AM http://www.900chml.com

All of you who will be attending the game, have fun.

God I hope not Cause my Ticket Saids IWS on it

On another note Another nice Day
Have we Every had Rain for Game Since Bob has taken over?

Gee BYF - I didn't know we had a "Rogers Centre in Toronto" in Hamilton...

Is that like the Bill Cosby video taped in "Toronto's Hamilton Place Theatre"? :o

At least were not starting a "burn the witches" thread early. lets hope we dont have to tonight

Maybe it's been said already, I don't know, but I just went outside and man, it's a hot one out there. Conditioning may be a key factor in tongight's contest also.


So do I...it's been too routine for me lately! :wink:

Eat 'Em Raw, Cats!

No! This will mark the 20th consecutive home date with nary a drop of rain if the weather holds.

Ironic? A dry spell, no? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Can't attend the game tonight due to an urgent job I have to be at around 6:30.......but my kids heisted all my tickets so at least my family is well represented... :lol:

I hope to be on the game thread by half-time.

Good Luck to Coach Lancaster , Mark Myers, Kwame Cavil, Pascal Cheron, Corey Holmes etc. as they either make their debuts tonight or return from the "ouch" list.....

And of course, good luck to the whole team......Get the win and I don't care how ugly it is!.......just win!

Go Cats! :cowboy:


See all you "webbies" around half-time...

over and out...

Go Cat Go!.......just win! :thup:

There Gonna Win !!!! It's my birthday, whooooo hooooooooooo

Go Cats Go and I am sitting in Box G :rockin:

its goin down! the cats are gettin there first win this year. this is guanna be a crazy game. and i think all four of our starting recivers will get a touchdown!!! :rockin:

I've been waiting all day for this game to start, only to find out there's a blackout on the webcast for US residents!! Grrrrr.

Hi everyone
It's game time
I paid for the webcast for this game but it won't let me view it. It says it's not available in the US but I live in Taiwan
I hope they get there service fixed

When does kickoff start? i thought it was 7?

BC vs CGY ? LOL!

Ya, I paid for the broadcast too and I am getting DICK.......

I hope that offsides on the opening kickoff isn't a sign of things to come :frowning:

I sent them an email so see if they send me a reply.
The game may be available when the game ends so we may have to watch it later

ya, but i paid a premium to watch live.......actually, i am not really interested in taking the time to watch a game that has been played already unless it is particularly important or exciting.

When I tried to buy the game, it told me that it would be available shortly after the end of the game.