Tiger Cats Vs Stampeders Game Thread!

Well, I am here at work anxiosly awaiting the game to start. No Radio or Internet TV feed for me today. Please keep me informed how good or bad we are doing!

Willy in Japan

Well, for those website newcomers not in range of the direct radio or TV feeds, go to www.900chml.com and click on “listen live” for the broadcast (there is a bit of a delay though so you’ll read the posts describing the play before you hear it…lol)…pre-game show starts at 8 pm…which means it’s on now!

Also, after the game listen to the “Fifth Quarter” with Ted Michaels…you can e-mail your comments to tmichaels@900chml.com or call in yourself to (905) 645-3221 or on your cell at *9900

Go Cats!

Or you can watch CFL Broadband if you have 10 bucks to burn.....it is a great looking feed.

Tonight’s game is the first one I have time to sit down and watch. GO CATS GO!

Hi all. BYF is in the house and plans on being here for the entire game. And although the Stamps are the favourite here, I am hoping the Ticats can prove some critics wrong. Now I think I'll get me a Lakeport Ice and (hopefully) enjoy the game.

And Willy, you can click here for the link to live updates of the game. But for details and opinions on the game as it happens, I'm sure we can keep you up to date. :slight_smile:

Are you ready!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:


On the TSN pre-game show, they talked a lot about the Burris-Rambo situation, and this perhaps being Calgary's year.

They also mentioned that the Ticats need to stretch the defence more often. I figure anything that'll make our offence less predicatble will help.

Kickoff coming up!

Hello everyone
Another sunny day in Taiwan let's hope the sun shines on the Cats today
Go Cats

I've been saying that repeatedly. Maybe TSN will give me a job...

Alright guys, let's get it DONE!

I have a great feeling tonite Cats 28 to 14.

Game on!

The wind sends it deep and Calgary starts at about their 30.

Funny how the returner was also named Ruffin. Boreham might get sick of hearing that name. :slight_smile:

Beautiful catch by Lewis. great placement by Burris

Wow, another great catch. Good coverage by that cats, the recievers are just insane

....coverage....where ????

touchdown stamps :thdn:

Another nice catch by Calgary
Ball on 24

Calgary gets TD after four straight completions. Looks like Burris and recivers are on the same page now.

We are defenceless.

Justin gets burned by Thurman

4 passes 80 yds, 7 pts Calgary...

Way to shut them down guys! :roll:

Can we cover anyone ????

This was Brutal..