Tiger-Cats vs. Sask. ...what a NAILBITER !!!!

Tiger-Cats you made us proud today.

so close but yet not quite good enough

we should have won, when you have 4 ints, you have to win, our d let us down again

heckuva game though!

All I can say is....."Ozzie would have made that!!!"

hahahahaha I just thought I'd stir things up.

A great game to watch. The boys played hard.

please, ozzie is nowhere near the kicker nick is, we should never of had to kick it anyways if our defense could stop someone

Not an argument I want to get in to... but Ozzie had a 54 yarder with NO time out to get ready as a kick to go to the Grey Cup and he nailed it.

Nick has not had a game winner until tonight since coming to Hamilton, and he missed.

I Love Nick Setta and I believe hes the kicker of the future for sure, but Paul Osbaldiston is one of the greatest in CFL history, Nick is currently nowhere near Ozzie as far as im concerned.

We lost a close one that we deserves to win more than Sask. :roll:

Good game by Hamilton. I thought the Argos were going to get the first draft pick this year for a while there. :stuck_out_tongue: But the Ticats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory again.
I think Danny McManus needs to spend some time with Porter on how to manage the clock in the last minute of play. I'm surprised Marcel didn't call for quick out pass patterns to the sidelines, he should know you can't force the ball downfield when you have nine guys dropping back into coverage. Those check off plays just eat up valuable seconds.

Great game by the Cats, really enjoyed it.

I think the team has finally turned the corner.

I heard on the am 900 that the ticats are first in the league in the running game, but I haven't verified that.

I thought it was a good game. Both teams played well. Cates was just a bit more than our d could handle.
Made for a thriller though...nice job!

I don't know the odds of making a 55 yard fg especially with that wind, but I'm willing to guess its less then 50%. So I think we need to cut Setta some slack.

The thing that I've been impressed with the last 3 weeks is we're playing out the season. We could easily just pack it in and call it a year. If we can get a sack on Jiles on the last drive. Game over. Even when Congi made the fg we could have packed it in we didn't.

Lets beat Calgary next week.

Highest Field Goal Accuracy, All-Time Regular Season:
(minimum 100 attempts)

82.35 - Sandro DeAngelis (126-of-153) Calgary (2005-2007)
80.18 - Damon Duval
79.20 - Roman Anderson (95-of-120) Sacramento, San Antonio (1994-1995)
78.51 - Carlos Huerta (95-of-115) Las Vegas, Baltimore (1994-1995)

Ozzie isn't even in the top 12. His lifetime field goal % is 66.5. (617/927)

Ozzie may have been a clutch kicker but by judging on his %, he probably had to make up for missed kicks earlier in the game.

One hell of an effort. They gave it all they had.

Great game you guys. This is one of those games that even if the score doesn't show it, you still won. It looks like you got a Qb in Porter.

Now please hammer the snot out of Calgary, we'll be cheering for ya from Riderville.