Tiger-Cats vs Roughriders PBP Thread

That's a great, great question. We need answers.

Jones. Big catch

Yikes.. Crushed Banks.

#85 Jones is that our national rookie??? Nice catch there.

Nice drive going - just have to continue. OUCH PKD at the goal line. Tie game.

Maher with the FG, Fantuz with the hold, 10 -10

New Money puts it through the pipes. 10 10

Ham's D has to show up.

I understand his name is Jasper Collins, maybe Jasper Collins Junior, but is sometimes called "Junior." Here's a link to his Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasper_Collins

Maher gets a fairly easy FG and and what's left of this team is tied 10-10 with the Cheaters.

We can not cover anyone.

This defense fn sucks!

Except for the covering and the tackling and the catching ... Our DBs are doing OK.

Our secondary is cr@ptastic tonight...

Yep. Was our third round draft pick this year and I'd say the draft is paying off sooner than it usually does for us.

Chick with his 10th sack as he greets his former teammate. Too bad pass to Demski gained them 53 yards after that.

Chickster. With a big sack

Seriously. 2 and 19 and they convert?

Almost did there. Very close to a stop on 2nd and SACK!!! YEAH CHICK!!

Unfortunately not enough to stop them as DD airs it out for a huge completion. Greenies knocking on the door again! :frowning:

Our D is playing 10 yards off the receiver.

Cant cover cant tackle

There is never anyone within 5 yards of any receiver

Adrian Tracey looked like Eric Norwood!

Too bad it’s coming back.

Hes down

That was about as close as it could possibly be :frowning: