Tiger-Cats vs Roughriders PBP Thread

False hope

This defense is suspect at best

Td Sask

I will give him that one. That was a nice pass and catch.

10 7 green team

TOO LATE!!! TD for the greenies in about three plays??? Both teams really stretching the field here. Didn't expect a shoot out!

Always. I gotta stop that ;(

Still trying to figure out what the coaches see n Vaughn. He must be absolutely amazing in practice.

We dont have the wrs for a shoot out. Defence needs to carry us

That was a major foul?

Not sure about that either. An illegal block at worst.

Have we ran the ball yet?

Whaaaa Andy dropped a ball?

With a shake up in personnel on the field on offense, they may do a few different things.

And a good return negated by a dumb ST penalty. Andy can’t hang on to what I assume is a slippery ball so they are 2 and out. EVen with virtually no return the greenies still have excellent FP

Lets try this again... Crush them defence

Nice hit SL.

End of quarter 10 7

Where is all that rain and high winds. :cowboy:

Defense! Paging the Defense! Has the plane arrived yet?

Gainey coming back to haunt us? Wonder if they even tried to re-sign him?

Great catch by Collins anyway followed by Andy.

Big catch JC

Watt has come to play.

Beatiful human being Andy big play

How Junior Collins' jersey says Collins Jr? Is his name actually Junior Collins Junior?