Tiger-Cats vs Roughriders PBP Thread

Thats the opposite of what i meant by lets go!

Int green guys :frowning:

Ugh. What happened to Zach? Lots of misses against the Argos and Als the past two weeks, and that ball was underthrown.

Time for Masoli.


Link? Espn3 ?

Nah. Timmy Chang? Quinton Porter? Cody Ledbetter? :stuck_out_tongue:

come on guys, lets get things going

I didnt send you a pm so if you happen to see something in your inbox its purely coincedental

Lets get it Cats!

Is he ragging on Andy Fantuz?!

First down. Chiles

Andy you fantastic human being…

Andy you beautiful human being. First down

TD SPEEDY B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice job out muscling the defender there.



:thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

Great TD drive from our 5 yrd line against the wind! :rockin:

Am I confused, or have I been seeing a 2 RB set this game?

Crush em defence!!

Watt lined up in the backfield on his reception. I haven't noticed any other plays, but they might be doing it more often.

Ughhhhh. Wide open