Tiger-Cats vs Roughriders PBP Thread

There's about an hour and a half until kickoff. As Drew Edwards just reported, both Terrance Tolliver and Rico Murry are last-minute scratches. That means that Dominique Ellis will move to SAM (a position he has never played before) and Travis Lee will play DHB. We will probably be playing Banks more, and probably both Watt and the rookie Jones - along with Fantuz - on the field...

Finally.. I was debating on starting one but i might be bad luck.

Sweetness and light vs the not very rough at all riders

Hamilton by 20

Here's the Edwards' report which explains Murray being scratched and how inexperienced this lineup will be:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/09/24/ticats-scratch-two-starters-vs-riders/]http://3downnation.com/2016/09/24/ticat ... vs-riders/[/url]

Does anyone have a good feeling going into this game? I'm very, very nervous.

Sask. Roughriders ?@sskroughriders 19m19 minutes ago
Today's #Riders two-man reserves:
#59 Josiah St. John
#99 A.C. Leonard

A backup rookie OL and a backup DT .... not losses like Toliver and Murray, starters in key positions.

TSN 1150 has a Bulldogs game on right now. Does anyone know where I can here the pregame show

Im hoping the CAN RUS game will be over by game start
3-2 in the 3rd for Canuckleheads :rockin:

4-2 :rockin:

Put in one more so I can safely turn the game off!

My thinkin aswell

5-2 now...

Hahahahahahaha 5-2 lol

5 different players have scored. Too much depth on Team Canada...


Now its Ticats turn for some buble gum chewing and ass kickin

Where is everyone? Its go time!

Certainly going to need the defence to step up this game from start to finish.

We Won The Coin Toss!

Sask. RoughridersVerified account ?@sskroughriders 1m1 minute ago
The #Ticats win the coin toss and defer. #Riders will receive the opening kickoff from Mosaic Stadium! #CFLGameDay

Hope the kickoff isn't blocked! :wink:

Another one not televised here ..grrr gonna have to fly to hamilton to actually see a game

Tighten it up defence. We cant win a shoot out

I gotta extra seat with your name on it Dawg.

Want a link?

Opening score 3-0 gang green

Lets go Cats