Tiger-Cats vs. Riders Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/25/2010)

Tiger-Cats vs. Roughriders: September 25, 2010

Tiger-Cats gameday is here again. And so the time to post the thread for posting about the game as it happens has come. If you would like to post about what happens during the game as it happens, this is the thread for that. There might not be as many posts to the thread this time, as it's only those who wish they could be at the game who'll be posting to it. But this thread is here for those who want to participate in it. And here we go.

WHAT – Tiger-Cats Gameday: Tiger-Cats vs. Roughriders.

WHO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

WHY – To see if the Ticats can ensure they stay in 2nd place in their division, and improve their record to 7-5.

WHERE - Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

WHEN - Saturday, September 25th, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. EDT.

HOW - Radio: CHML (900 kHz AM) or Y108 (107.9 MHz FM) broadcasting from Hamilton.

Television: TSN.

Internet: Visit http://www.900chml.com and click the “listen live? link, or simply click here to listen to CHML now.

Click here to view CFL.ca's live scoreboard for recent games. You can click the link to view this game's scoreboard whenever it becomes available, which will likely be just after the opening kickoff.

Click here to view Drew Edwards' blog. Drew will probably be doing live updates during the game.

Click here for the game preview on Ticats.ca

Click here to view the game preview on Ticats TV.

Click here for the Tiger-Cats depth chart.

Click here to view that "Fantuz Flakes" video.

Click here to view this answer to the watermelon helmet.

Click here to see more fun being poked at the Riders.

Click here for tonight's weather forecast. At the time I'm posting this, there is a 20% probability of precipitation and winds of 15 km/h are expected. And at time this was posted, it was expected that the temperature will be about 11 degrees Celsius.

After the Ticats got that win in BC last week, they look to pick up where they left off as they added Baggs, McIntyre, and Smith to the defence. They are going to need this win to stay ahead of the blue team in the standings, because the blue team is likely to get that win against the Esks in Moncton on Sunday. On this "blackout night", let's hope the Ticats will make it so that Rider fans will wish this game were blacked out it Saskatchewan. And so now I say...

Go Ticats!

Great job BYF

I'm looking forward to seeing the impact Baggs will have in this game.. he may have no ill will towards the Riders as he left under good terms, but still all players want to play well against former teams.... I look forward to participating in the GDT

Thanks as always, BYF!

Oski Wee Wee,


Great job again, BYF. Thanks....

I've got good vibes about tonight's game. With the new additions, and building on the team's recent successes, I can see a ten-point victory.

The kicking game is going to be brutal with the wind the way it is today.......but I'll predict a score anyways.....

Tiger-Cats 52

Riders 18


lets not forget Sirius radio channel 97

Stevie! Stevie! Stevie! :rockin:

GO CATS GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I feel like crying, I got the flu am totally bed ridden today :frowning:
Thank god for TV but it's still not that same.Will be back for the next homer, that's for sure!
Be loud guys!

Gonna dress warm tonight!! Its fall football!! Love IWS this time of year.

Go Cats! The Riders are a very beatable team!

and we are still in South Florida, 35C and high humididty going to stay in the AC and watch on-line.

Last nights game was on the NFL network, another good showing for the CFL on US TV!!!

Thank you for starting this thread BYF. I'll be posting occasionally.


Thanks for the compliments on how I started off the game thread.

Tonight's scratches:

WR Glenn MacKay, OL Mark Dewit, DE Jeremy Gibbs and DT Jermaine Reid.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/09/steel-city-at-sundown-riders-at-ticats-pre-game.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... -game.html[/url]

Too bad, I wanted to see MacKay play.

No pre-game show on TSN, but I have CHML on now, their pre-game show is up next.

Was Gibbs scratched to make room for Baggs??? Gibbs was awesome last week.

Probably. Gibbs was on our PR before that game, right? Then McIntyre got injured and Long got released.

For those outside Hamilton (such as myself): I thought I heard CHML say rain is coming down.

Good to know that it'll be Miller (not Black!) and Dunigan covering this one.


Feeling the love...


"Lightning" Rod

:D :D :D

He's not known for lightning-quick wit... :slight_smile:

TSN coverage on now. I understand wind will be a factor this evening, some rain might come down.

6:29: Ticats announcing the starting defence. Biggest cheers for Stevie Baggs, then Floyd, then Knowlton. Baggs almost killed the mascot with a flying chest bump. They announced three ends, Baggs, McIntyre and Hickman.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/09/riders-at-ticats-game-blog.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... -blog.html[/url]

Kickoff coming up.

Game on!

Thiggy starts us at THEIR 50!

Did Fantuz get haircut? Might not need as much of that shampoo?


Crossing pattern << shock LOL


WOW! What a start.