Tiger-Cats vs. Riders Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/28/2012

3rd and 1 for us now.

And hey, we put Porter in! What a concept! And it actually worked! :slight_smile:

Pass to Chevy gains 6, pass to Jones gains about 10.

I'm liking this drive so far.

Handoff to Chevy on 2nd and 10? Why?

Congi attempt from 32 is good.

7-3 Riders.

You can tell our coverage team in hurting right now. Terrible coverage on first two returns by Jackson.

Not liking our lack of coverage by the ST coverage team.

Another big return by Jackson, this time they get it to midfield, and again, offence wonโ€™t have to go far to get TD.

Our D forced 3rd and short situations twice last drive, but will have to better. Riders will gamble with this field position.



Way to go, Bo!

Now that's better.

7-3 for them.
The defence has to tighten up as do the special teams. Saskatchewan is getting far too many yards on kickoff returns.
Bo Smith with the interception

Hey, good news. Bo's starting to look back at the ball.

Burris overthrows Jiggy on deep one, but Jackson, the guy with those big returns, is down. That would hurt.

That looked like an underthrow by Durant on the pick.

Coach Sal said the Rigders had a 3 man defensive line and it was a lineup that you can run against. Walker only got 5 yards though

Interesting point.

Sticky did not live up to nickname on 2nd and 10, 2 and out, we punt, Riders starting on their 30.

Its been a slow development but boy is it working out now! :lol:

Great pressure on 2nd and 10

And 2 and out for Riders. I like seeing more pressure on Durant.

We start just outside our 20.

Chevy gains 7, FANTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZ gains many more YAC than I thought he'd gain!

Great effort by Andy. Looks like Burris and Fantuz are picking up where they left off last week.

Nice YAC for Fantuz. That's "yards after contact".

Fantuz grinding out yards with the extra effort