Tiger-Cats vs. 'Riders Play-by-Play Game Thread: 10/21/2007

Great screen to Davis gets us to Rider 40!

Davis could be our star today

First down
we're moving the ball

and the drive stalls

3-0 Cats

And even then, there is no guarantee he'll catch it (as we have seen before.)

Walker was way overthrown, 3rd down.

And Setta's attempt from 46 is good! We have the lead!

The opening drive shows some promise!

Go Cats!

Field Goal

It's positive points

Joseph takes hit from Dunbrack on throw and could have been picked.

Too bad Joseph then found Yo Murphy on deep pass while under pressure.

Zeeke is now only 8 tackles away from the Ti-Cat record

KJ is getting hammered by our D

Cates not playing, Hoilmes taking is place? Bet Riders a glad they traded to get him back.

Speaking of Holmes, he gains 3. Then we see pass to him for gain of about 10-15. That's how he should have been utilized here. See that, Taaffe and Working?


Fantuz gets yet another TD reception.

How many times has opening drive for opponents ended in TD for them this year? This is too familiar.


Go to Timmies.. and all hell breaks loose...lol

Anyway, Moreno is now 7 away from record.

Armstead gets us to 31.

What is the point of only rushing 3 and having more pass coverage if you're still going to let them catch the pass???

What record is that?