Tiger-Cats Vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/6/2008)

Good field position to punt
Let's get them deep

We need to something with the good field position

It rarely does... :x

Right, Because a 10-3 deficit with 3/4 of a game to go is insurmountable!

Nice Play bradley!!!

Then we give it away on the next...

That deficit will grow....

Spectacular Tackling by the secondary...

wayta tackle boyys

Clermont gets by two Ticats who should've tackled him as BC keeps getting first downs.

IWS crowd much more subdued than they were on Monday.

See, the Lions USE their running backs in the pass game. The Cats can't because the O-line gives up too much penetration due to lack of ability AND faulty protection schemes. Since the Cats do not use a second back often enough, the HB can't engage in space under the coverage. So we don't get Lumsden and Caulley loose.

5-23 is coming, I'm afraid.

It's embarassing to listen to this crowd on TV.

I understand Booing. But not every play.

O.k. That one deserved a BOOO!


Losers to the core..... :oops:

And Pierce gets the TD as members of our D once again look like pylons.

It sounded like at least some in crowed booed those members of the D.

Cats better get some points soon or it will be over before the half

This is why Printers is always in the shotgun...They are trying to keep him away from the inevitable pressure as much as possible..

I'd be booing too. At least the Labour day game I actually felt I got my moneys worth...which is not something I could say very often about going to IWS. And now its back to the same.

You could flush $40 down the toilet and feel more entertained than you do buying tickets and going to a ticats game like that. I'd boo too.

And why is Kavka here again?

Nice catch by Mitchell

Printers gets the pass to Mitchell right that time! Good gain!

Lumsden still has yet to get a carry, but he has occasionally been on sidelines.

That was a nice pass and catch!!!

These guys are looking like I might be in tough when I head to B.C. place for the game on the 27th.

I'm hoping to have some ammo to fire back with when I head to hostile territory.