Tiger-Cats Vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/6/2008)

Near sack, but BC almost gets 1st down after shovel pass. That's something we never see from Ticat offense when QBs are pressured. And our QBs are pressured many times.

McCallum gets easy one of his own to tie it.

FG by McCallum -- tied up at 3-3

We are getting next to no pressure from the front four -- Knowlton did well on the LB blitz on the last play to hurry Pierce. Looks like more of that will be needed or it will be a long day for the D!

Bad snap #1 by Hage...

See, collapsing like cardboard, GREAT run by Printers for the 1st down

I understand that, but I'm just saying that this new-look line will not have it easy this time.

Nice gain by Printers! Did you see how he outran those BC defenders?!

Printers with a first down run


Who is blocking on the right end?

Our O-Line is an absolute joke. Its so hard to criticize either of our QB's with protection theyre getting. EVERY pass is rushed.


Pick-six by Jamal Johnson for BC -- well-disguised by the Lions and Casey never saw him!

10-3 BC with the convert...


Another Johnson picks off Printer pass, and eludes Printers to get the TD!

Absolutely....On every pass play at least 1 to 2 BC linemen are up field....Inexcusable!!!

Nice defensive play.

Come on Casey. Big drive here.

Ok then, we've adjusted to 2 and out football!

Good field position to start
Let's do something

More pressure....Against this Dline someone might get hurt today...

Cavka, I think.

We start at 45. And then it's 2-and-out and 1st quarter ends.

Sure was -- they use deception in their blitz packages and zone drops. Wish we had a DC who could consistently do the same... :wink:

We consistently need a second back to BLOCK in the passing game with the state of our O-line and pass protection. I'm a fan and I see this!

It's game ten and Bellefeuille isn't being compelled by Taaffe to adjust...

Not looking go for your ticats..