Tiger-Cats Vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/6/2008)

Well it's pts off our 1st drive, would of preferred 7 though, Printers didn't like the butt tap....lol

Printers' indecisiveness led to him throwing too late (as apparently Bauman and Mitchell could have had TD pass) leads to a gimme FG for Setta.

Great to have lead, but it could have and maybe should have been 7-0 rather than 3-0.

Let's see if there was any adjustments in the D, time for them to STEP it up!!!

Looks like they've added to the short yardage package -- nice run to the right side, utilizing Moreno in motion as a decoy. Some imagination and it got the Lions on their heels!

Oski Wee Wee,

My mistake, It's not cknw,
it's www.team1040.ca

Jackson with the necktie on Gordon...no call???

Gordon came close to pick, but at least 3rd down forced.

And it's funny seeing another team giving Kahlil Hill a chance. Not that he's doing much for BC.

WTH was the dancing for, Run the bloody ball quit tangoing with it!!

LMAO true, HTD -- just had a Craig Yeast flashback.

One thing about Tre Smith -- he gets upfield PDQ and doesn't waste time.

Sigh, I watched the Eskie's game last night, man did Ray ever have TIME to throw, we need some protection for Printers.

2 and out... bleh!!

Casey smokes it to Cohen -- first down

Pocket breakdown on second down after an incomplete to Lumsden -- Setta punt -- time for another Ticat stop on D!

Why does Rod Black have to do all the Cats games.

Nice gain to get us out of hole, maybe having Cohen rather than Walker there not bad call.

What was with fake screen to Caulley leading to bad pass to Lumsden? Good to see those two together and to see what potential that might have, but…

Then Mitchell was well overthrown on deep pass. D stretching may need to be done, too bad BC now has good field position.

I watched the Labour Day game on Friday night
Rod Black is annoying

He should have stuck with figure skating.

Sigh, can the D please stop them here!!!!

You do have to remember that it's Johnson and Wake the line is up against, not the easiest to protect the QB from.

BC has three first downs on drive as they enter FG range.

nice pressure by the d

It's not just this game BYF, it's every game, almost EVERY play, he rarely gets time

WE are tied!!!