Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/18/2010)

6 minutes.. .woohoo..... I'm stoked for a win!!!

Have fun everyone.. I'm off to the pub... drop by later!

printers will continue his aversion to putting the ball in the hands of anyone in a ticat uniform. :wink:

Hope you have fun there with a crowd of happy Ticat fans there.

Interesting to see a prospect in the 2011 draft named Scott Mitchell. There may be yet another individual with that name in this league?

And that was quite the game between Ottawa and McMaster earlier today. Mac nearly pulled off the upset. http://video.thescore.com/watch/ottawa-43-mcmaster-35

Kickoff next.

only on friday nights

Or maybe he'll avoid throwing to any kind of cat. :wink:

Lets go Cats

I think all the clouds have come over here, Taiwan is in the middle of a typhoon. You've never seen rain until you have seen typhoon rain. We get unbelievable amounts of rain during one of these storms, they're expcecting more than 700 mm of rain in parts.
Let's hope the Ti-Cats can play like a typhoon and blow the Lions away

Thanks for the warning. :lol:

Game on!

Wilbur kicks off, BC starts at their 37.

10:05: Anthem done. Ominous clouds approaching from the West and the temperature is dropping.

10:02: Last player introduced on the B.C. offence: WR Geroy Simon. Isn't it usually the quarterback?

10:00: Gonna be some empty seats here tonight. Still pretty loud though.

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Although as a Carleton grad, it pains me to cheer for the Gee-Gees, they're the only team left here since the Ravens program was cut. Plus, my son is now at Ottawa U, so I guess I'm allowed.

Game on, Cats.

Shivers holding his arm, now down on field. Not good to see that as he goes off.

Hinds taking place of Shivers, interesting.

HA! 3rd and 6 after procedure, when it was inches to FD!

Well, the Gee Gees are quite good.

why does thigpen let the ball bounce all the time? that sucks.

Punt single, 1-0 BC.

Thiggy was back for the return. Will we see more of him on offence? Would like to see more of him there with Cobb, and perhaps experiment with Fish on returns.

I see Fish on the offence, looking much smaller than the other guys there. :slight_smile:

Stala FD after Cobb got nowhere again.


Good gain after quick release to open AB3.

we need to score right out of gate set the Tone

Nice run by Mann. He's backing it up.

Nice gain of YAC by Mann to get us in red zone!

So maybe he'll have more positive things to say on Twitter now? :slight_smile:

Looks like Mann's tweet worked on Glenn. Two in a row.

And one to Bauman? And he caught it as well? Wow.