Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/18/2010)

Aren't the Lions hurting with regards to one of their lines (I think it's the d-line)?

You might have to wait 'til November. I expect McIntyre may not dress tonight.

Their O-Line is the worst in the league.....they may lead the league in sacks... but they also lead the league in sack allowed so expect Printers to be counting stars all night!!

BTW Great job as usual BYF..... I think tonight I may frequent the local pub for this tilt as my satellite is still down... no TV until they come fix it!!

I may pop in on my BlackBerry to say hi though

Is it game time yet?

Yes, their D-line is hurting big time. With Foley signing with the Argos, the Lions are only dressing four defensive linemen for tonight's game with non-import long snapper Dan McCullough as the only back-up. The Cats have to take advantage of that situation and you would have to think these guys will tire out sometime in the second half.

I got a good feeling about this one. Lions KNOW that they're in for some payback. I'm more worried about my beer running out than the Ticats not winning this game.

Sunny and warm and about 20 C..little wind..should be a perfect evening for football....

run Printers run!

McIntyre, Baggs, Brown & Dewit are the scratches.

Not a problem, HTD. Have fun at the pub.

So both teams are missing players on the front four. Here are our scratches:

LB Ike Brown
DE Garrett McIntyre
DE Stevie Baggs
OL Mark Dewit


So it has been confirmed that neither McIntyre nor Baggs will play. We're going to need them next week vs. the Riders. Hope Gibbs will be able to haunt his old team.

You might run out of beer? Shouldn't you always make sure you have enough before the game? That's what I call pre-game preparation. :slight_smile:

Kickoff in about an hour.

I might have spoken too soon.....clouds are starting to appear.....but it's still nice....

Off to the game...

*30/18 Ticats

AB3 and Otis "the Elevator Floyd" have a big night

:thup: :rockin: EATEM RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :twisted:

35 minutes and counting boys!

last weeks cats will not beat last weeks lions.

cats cant beat anybody not named argo or blue bombers.

cat win tonight, only if lions help them :wink: :slight_smile:


I see someone has been smoking a little to much! Cats are going to kick the Lions A$$! Printers is going to wish he stade in bed!!! :rockin:

tsn.ca streams the games as well

Well, it's hard to prove you can beat certain teams in this league this year when you haven't played them yet. And BC is one of those teams.

And I can see us getting some help from the Lions. Printers might actually help us for a change. :wink:

But of course, our D can make it look like he's doing us favours. :wink:

So can BC's porous O Line