Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (7/19/2007)

Tiger-Cats vs. Lions: July 19, 2007


Although it has not been long since the last game, it is now once again gameday. And thus, it is once again time for one of these game threads to be started. And since it seems that I may be all but officially the one who is responsible for starting up these threads for commenting on the game as it happens, I’ll start this thread again. I know I have received compliments on how I start these threads. But remember that it’s the people who comment in the thread during the game that truly make the game thread. So without any further ado, here we go.

WHAT – Tiger-Cats Gameday: Tiger-Cats vs. Lions.

WHO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the British Columbia Lions.

WHY – To see if the winless cats can surprise the undefeated cats, by defeating them, or at least somewhat well against them. (It is worth noting that these undefeated cats are without their starting quarterback.)

WHERE - B.C. Place Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia

WHEN - Thursday, July 19th 2007, at 10:30 p.m. EDT. (7:30 p.m. local time.)

HOW - Radio: CHML (900 kHz AM) is broadcasting Hamilton, or TEAM 1040 (1040 kHz AM) broadcasting from Vancouver.

Television: TSN. (There will not be a pre-game show for this game on TSN, as it is the second half of a doubleheader on TSN.) And it is apparently also available via TEAM 1040 on Star Choice Channel 824 and Telus TV Channel 70.

Internet: Visit www.900chml.com and click the “listen live? link, or simply click here to listen to CHML now.
You can also visit www.team1040.ca and click the “listen live? link if you would like to hear the game from the perspective of B.C.’s talking heads.

It is also available CFL broadband, which you can sign up for if you click here.

Click here for the game preview here on Ticats.ca.

Click here for the Tiger-Cats depth chart.

Click here for the Lions depth chart.

It is here that I would typically include weather forecast information. But I will not bother with that, and you can refer to the “where? section above to see why. The game will be played in a domed stadium. But you can click here if you would like the weather forecast anyway.

And so another game is here and not many seem to believe the Ticats can even come close to defeating the Lions. And that is despite the Lions missing their starting quarterback, as indicated on their depth chart. But what the depth chart does not mention is that backup Buck Pierce has an injured throwing hand. And it has been said that the Ticats began making real progress toward becoming a better team last week. Will it continue this week? And will the Ticats surprise the Lions and their critics with their performance tonight?

Go Ticats!

and for your listening pleasure,

click here

Man, ten thirty kick off. Why can't those dope smoking hippies get to BC Place around four o'clock their time? People in BC don't work in the afternoon anyway.

Just saying.

LOL ... we need our dope smokin tailgates to get pumped for kickoff

You see.. there are these things called time zones..

As a resident of BC I don't take too kindly to your comments about BC people. People don't work in the afternoon here? I think you must be the dope smoking hippie if you think that.

You obviously don't know squat about BC or Vancouver.

Some people don't have much of a sense of humour....

As usual, very well done BYF. I'll be tuning in from Pompano Beach (possibly the ONLY place with better "scenery" than Oski-oui-oui has...). I was surprised to see the last game on CSS, a Comcast sports channel. I'll have to check out the listings down here. I'll make sure I have a fresh batch of pina coladas made up...

It wasn't meant as an insult. I wish I could take the afternoons off too.

And yet ANOTHER fine PBP Thread BYF, Once again you have outdone yourself… and everyone else for that matter…lol

Can’t wait till game time, I’m feeling good about the Cats chances tonight.


Yea man! why do they start their games at 10:30 on the left coast?? :slight_smile:

I hope we win but just I don't see it..
I hope we keep it Close but just I don't see it..

I just see a huge blow out
God I want to be Wrong.
Please let us pull off the upset..
Pretty Please

Cause it 7:30 There Time..

Most games Start at 7 or 7:30

They don't roll out of bed out there till 9:30 pm is why... :lol:

Another great job, BYF!

Hope to see the usual suspects on here tonight.

It's Chang Time! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

dah! I think the post went over your head

Cats need a win for playoff hopes. If they go 0-4, they would likely need to win at least 8 of the remaining 14 games in order to hope for playoff spot (or, put another way, they could only afford to lose 6 more games!)

Well, you see it's because...what's the question again?

Actually it's because they have another appointment at 4:20.

Wonder if Setta can hit the roof of B.C. Place with a punt ?....

....has it ever been done?


Well, let me ask everyone. Are you all prepared and ready for the Cats to get totally demolished tonight in B.C. ?
The game tonight against the Lions will be a complete embarrassment for the Cats.

"the horror, the horror"
Too funny...lol