Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread: 11/6/2010

Hit the upright!

Cobb loves BC, doesn't he?

Nice little run there.

But not there.

“Glenn throws into traffic.” How often are we going to hear those words today?

Black used to play in traffic, but I digress. :wink:

I wish he would go BACK to doing that!!



Anyone notice than when Bo Smith is out of the secondary, the form-tackling quotient gets spiked?

"The subconscious of looking ahead"...ahhhhh yes, November 22nd -- I won't have to listen to Ol' Ripple Axle for another seven months! LOL

boooooo I don't think he had it

Arceneaux had the ball. Buono should win this.

Time for a big stop here.

Darn. Close, but no cigar. (And no pictures of Lewinski, Ok Russ? :wink: )

Challenge on the call? No way was that a catch. Or was it? D'oh!

LMAO – you wear glasses too, HTD? I can recommend a good lens cleaner…

He didn't have full control at the plane break

That was the 1st down spot

Dammit... TD for the Lions


DONE! :wink:



If he had control anywhere inside the goal area (not just the edge of the plane), it's a TD.

To quote Maxwell Smart, "I asked you not to show me that."

Was hoping since he was bobbling it, they would say he didn't survive contact


Yes, but he had the ball for what...three strides? Tough to win that challenge even with Tisdale fighting to strip it.