Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (10/21/2006)

Doesnt anyone agree with me that Rod Black is a ****

Nice run by Davis

Nice 10 yard gain by Davis, and the sticks move again.

And again after Eakin throws to Flick. He continues to look sharp. And the 1st quarter ends with a result that was different from what some might have expected.


I don't like him. He has no idea about football. He should stick with figure skating

9:34-5:26 in time of possession, for us? 8-3 in first downs for us?

I can get used to those numbers.


That was a facemask
What are the officials watching?

Eakin sure has looked good when he's had enought time to get passes off, as we saw on completion to Vaughn.

Yep. Too bad I don;t think you can challenge non-calls by officials.

And Boreham hits post from 29! Even Bill Szijarto could have made that one!

A face mask for sure !!!!!! How could they miss that ? Im sure they wouldnt of missed it if it was us who did it !!!!! BRUTAL !!!!!

That was a nice throw by Eakin, Fowlkes made a half-hearted attempt at that pass.
Boreham - aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

THAT is why I cring every time JB steps up to kick a FG...

what team is this?? and where have they been all season..I know there not great out there but I'd say the last time they played this good was against winipeg! Jamie how did u miss that? great game so far hope they can keep it up!

The recivers have to catch those balls !!!

Time for the “cut Boreham” crowd to get vocal around here again. Honestly, missing a 29 yarder with no wind?

And Morreale with the the return with the way punt bounced. At least he hung on and did not go backwards…


If Eakin keeps this up i say to hell with the backup !!! I want to win !!! Im sure Ron does too …

The ball was tipped.......

A good example of poor recievers !!!!

Nice play by Glatt. If he doesn't make that play Radelin could of had first down


Welcome aboard, Matt Clark!

We start at the 7 or 8!