Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread (10/21/2006)

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Nice throw my Eakin on the rollout

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What a throw by Eakin

Good to hear that short interview with Morreale where he said he plans on coming back. And with that catch for the 1st down, he reminded us why he's good to have. Again.

Wow, Eakin sure does have quite the arm. Too bad Fowlkes was just out of bounds.

Eakin is sounding better tonight. The bad thing is, we're in the red zone...

Touchdown, Terry Vaughn!

About time he gets that 1st TD!


This is the best Eakin has played all season

Nice drive

Eakin is 5-8 for 65 yards with only one pass so far that was that inaccurate. Now let's see how well D can hold up with Lions at their 22.

Why is it that other teams recievers always get so wide open ????

why did he do that ??

Pierce overthrow means B.C. punts. We may get some good field position here.

Didn't see the great play Dixon made on special teams that I heard about though.

Oh crap, Fowlkes went backwards, fumbled, and B.C. recovered. I thought Fowlkes was down, I say Ron challenges this.

Ours do too. Our QBs just have not been very good at hitting them.

Darn. Hopefully Fowlkes was down before csughing up the football. He must have been taking punt return lessons from a previous #5...

He might have been down
Either way it was still a bad play Fowlkes. He shouldn't have reversed his field

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Rod Black needs a kick in the ass !!!!

It was challenged, and that was a good move. Ticats have possesion.

whewwwww !!!!

They gave it back to us
That was a tough call