Tiger-Cats vs. Lions Play-by-Play Game Thread: 10/12/2012


Let the penalties begin!

Murillo offside? How much of a jam was he looking for?

That's 5 yards and counting

I don't know what the significance for civilians is but for military members it's a gimmie medal that some people are getting... "just because".

Plus whatever yards they get on this drive. Would have been punting on third down if not for the penalty.

And another five.

I guess anyone that owns the Tiger Cats should get a medal, just because...

Sigh... it looks like it's gonna be a looooong night.. the D can't stop anything!

Our Defense... effin sucks!!!

So this is “death by paper cuts” so far…Suitor figures Creehan will send a lot of pressure. I figure NOTHING about Creehan because it assumes he has a strategy.

As I said,I don't know what it takes for civilians to get it but for CF members it's a gimmie. I know people who's chain of command nominated them for it simply because they didn't have any medals.

Personally, I'd have turned it down. I only want medals that I've earned. So... I have only 1.

That's the last I speak of it. Football now!

Anyone else think that BC will get points everytime they get the football?

We could see a record tonight for most points scored by one team in a game and it won't be the Ti-Cats getting the record.


Creehan's "strategy" is... don't hit anyone, don't tackle anyone.... we do not want any more injuries!!


I just had a colonoscopy today and the Ticats still put out more s*** than I did. Defense sucks! BC won't punt at all today.

Our O doesn't effin suck!!


EF me... stupid bloody penalties!!!!

But when you have to score 40 just to make it a close game it gets frustrating.

I'm afraid it ain't gonna save us...And our O-lINE DOES...

BC gets a sack rushing 3 guys?!?!?!?!? :roll: