Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos Play-By-Play Thread

Yes he is doing quite well.

A little more bend than I would have liked to see, but no break.

Yes I think he’s done that before and he sure does sound excited making his comments which I don’t think is a bad thing. As long as he stays balances in his comments and doesn’t talk up one team more than the other he should be okay to listen to.

D has to tighten up, but on the bright side only gave up 3

C.J. is rising to the occasion…

Agree - kept them to the FG but would like to see them clamp down more. However that often can be the case with opening drives - get a feel for what the other team is trying to do and then start to shut them down.

He does have a lot of personality, and when he doesn’t let “me” get in the way, he can be very entertaining.

Offense didn’t manage much on that drive. Here’s hoping that the D shuts down Kilgore and CJ just as quickly.

WAY TO GO, D!! Nicely played by Tuggle. Punt time for the EE

Two runs - two FDs!!

Man but did the offensive linemen ever come to play tonight; damned impressive

Nice run by Evans hiding in Filer’s shadow, directing his blocks.

Evans just cozied up behind one of them to pick up an extra yard or two on his run! :)Wasn’t expecting them to run Sutton quite as much as they have but then that’s the nice thing about Condell’s offense - never quite sure what he’s going to come up with!

Strong first quarter for Sutton. Almost 50 yards from scrimmage

Oskee Wee Wee, Motherf—-s!

Wasn’t sure who it was - thanks for the clarification.

Would have preferred to see another TD but Hajrullahu is good on the FG to add to the lead. Thought that Speedy was closer to the FD but didn’t see the first play (I don’t think) on that series.

STs need to get on Jones a bit faster. He’s been close to breaking off a big run a couple of times

Richard Leonard !!

Kilgore has been just slinging it tonight so it was only a matter of time before he got picked off!
NICE PICK LEONARD!! :slight_smile:

Guess I spoke too soon about the lack of penalties - don’t need to shoot ourselves in the foot when they’ve taken the ball away.