Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos Play-By-Play Thread

Go Cats! :slight_smile:


Quiet in here for a game day. Are we over confident?

Hi all.

I think just plain confident…

Just getting here but I’ll be around for the rest of the night. I assume that half of Hamilton is at the game so it might be a bit quieter on here tonight! :wink: At least this site is working faster than it was last week when it was painfully slow!

Fans might be overconfident but I don’t think that the team ever is. I expect a win but the EE have been hanging around in the east (like the Ticats did in the west before the Edmonton game) so travel fatigue won’t be an issue. Expect that it might be another close game - but I said that about the game last week too. Guess that’s not being overconfident! :wink:

Last comment from me. On plane about to leave Honolulu for home. Cheer the guys on for me as I will be incommunicado.


Have a great trip! We’ll cheer twice as loud for you!

Great work by the O-line !

Make that OUTSTANDING work by the O-line !

What a terrific opening drive !

TD BANKS!!! NICE opening drive!! :smiley:

Opening drive TD!!

Oh, how I love posting this image.

Add in two for Tucker.

great start LGTC’s

That opening drive was like a hot knife going through butter.

Offense is looking good to start once again. Hope the D will look just as good when they get on the field - oh and the ST cover team too! Give them a LONG field to work.

Liking that the flags are ALL on the EE - so far! Not that there have been that many - just two but not going to complain if they want to shoot themselves in the foot a bit.

Come on D!!!

Much as I dislike Burris, I think he is doing a pretty good job as colour commentator, so far.