Tiger_Cats vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread

Edmonton takes unnecessary roughness penalty when they can;t afford to be undiscplined. Lumsden looked good on that on carry, too bad he slipped on the grass. (Apparently in Edmonton it rained earlier in the day.)

10 consecutive field goals for Boreham now.

Boreham for 3
We're on the board first
Let's keep it going

nice job.. the O moves the ball. we get some points.. time to change the cleats tho.. 2 slip.. 1 by Jesse and 1 by Maas.. Go Cats!!

After that Woodcock reception, Edmonton seems to have momentum. And Hrrvey seemed to get some good blocking until Cody (of course) brought him down.

Right now, 2nd and about 13 from Esks 15 or so.

Edmonton mistakes are helping us
Defence has to step it up

Wow. Esks continue to not look sharp discipline-wise.

Anything in the playbook for 2nd and 30?

nice call umpy

we bought another one there

And (Sean) Fleming makes it 3-3.

haha.. go from.. a called back 1 st down.. to a called back touchdown.. to holding them to 3.. good job.. esk's.. and D....lol

We're all tied up
Time for Maas to move the ball and put it in the endzone

Lumsden slipped? WOW! I know he is human but my goodness.. he is supposed to be a pro..

WOW.. what a play on the return.. SWEEEEET!!!!...lol

Everyone makes mistakes, and they are more likely to happen on a slippery playing field.

Interesting to see Ralph take that return to out 40.

They need 10 and they throw for 4

Incompletion followed by short pass without YAC yards means another two-and-out.

And once again Mariuz is there to make the special teams tackle, forcing Esks to start on their 25.

are you kidding me?????.. Gass fined 50 bux for the kick.. what a fuckin JOKE!

Pick for (Lawrence) Gordon!

Unfortunately, we start at our 30 after that Edmonton arm punt. (Credit to Russ for that term.)

Picked Off
Nice catch by Gordon
We have to move the ball here