Tiger_Cats vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread

It's gameday, and thus it is time once again for one of these threads to be started.

WHAT - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Edmonton Eskimos

WHO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and The Edmonton Eskimos

WHY – To see two teams try not to be the CFL’s worst team. And to see the Eskimos try to avoid watching playoff games instead of playing in them for the first time in over three decades.

WHERE - Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta

WHEN - Friday, September 22nd, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

HOW - Television: TSN.
Radio: CHML 900KHz AM: www.900chml.com

Click here for the Tiger-Cats' depth chart. It certainly is good to see Lumsden and Hill back on it. Many of us have been waiting to see that.
Click here for the Eskimos’ depth chart. And some might not like seeing A.J. Gass on it. And with Brock Ralph being listed as a starter on the previous depth chart…

Click here for today's weather forecast. Right now, there is a 20% probability of precipitation this evening and northwest winds of 5 km/h are expected.

Now let's see if the Ticats can get two consecutive wins this season. Hopefully that won't be too much to ask for. But hopefully this rematch will be at least as entertaining as last week's game.


Let’s get ready to Rumblllllllle !!!

Hill will not be attending this game… so far from what i hear but!~ lets start the priditions off right,

1st. if we win the coin toss, and if we receive
Davon Folwkes Runs it back for a td, other than a penalty call its good. or he runs for a big gain.

if we Kick, i predict we pin them deep or force a fumble :slight_smile:

end of game conclusion Cats beat the eskies bad 37-17 :slight_smile:

Maybe Folwkes should get the start at WR if Hill doesnt make the game ??

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

since the last game I have not been able to get chml streaming with windows media player. am I the only one? I have tried it via web from the chml site and directly through media player and it brings up an error that says "An error has occurred".

I live in Vancouver now and I don't own a tv (not a tv person) so the streaming is my only way to listen to games. well, other than the play by play on cfl.ca.

if anyone has any ideas on how I can get it to work please share.

GO CATS GO. Looking forward to it. Should be a good hard hitting game.
See you tonight

900 CHML works fine here.. but may be a local prob with your comp.. is your pop up blocker blocking it maybe?

I got it working in VLC media player! I have used it for playing video for about 3 years now but this is the first time I tried its streaming option. works better than windows media player.

i'm just happy I can listen to the game tonight. I feel so detached from hamilton out here in BC. I will NEVER be a lions fan because I bleed black and gold. :slight_smile:

Go 'Cats

The kickoff is coming up soon and it seems there isn't as much interest in this game from the usual crowd. And that's at least somewhat understandable. But I do hope to see another entertaining game even though I don't expect the Ticats to win. Jock Climie also picked the Esks to win, but mentioned the Ticats need to play with intensity to win. And I certainly don't disagree with that last point.

Game on!

Fowlkes takes it to our 42 on a another good return from him.

Now let’s see what the Ticats offense can do with Lumsden now in it.

Go Cats :thup:

I know Lumsden can be good, but handing it to him on 2nd and 15?


Is POAPAO on the sidelines????? :roll: :lol:

Hi Folkes
Let's beat the hell out of these Edmonton guys today

And fortunately, Edmonton gets two-and-out.

I'm interested in seeing more of what Dixon can do.

Or maybe Barresi got rehired as an interim OC.


Nice little roll out by Maas

Nice catch (#998 for Vaughn) and good one from Ralph get us past midfield. That faked handoff on the Ralph completion sure went well.