Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/15/2012

Hage missing is going to be problem

Wow 2 sacks. This team sucks

What's the 2 and out count at now for us?

Boo birds already out after we just added to that total again. No surprise.

Whoa, AVON does good job on special teams tackle!

JC Sherritt is a monster....

Just wow. The defensive end lost his jock. Def backs let man behind them. Touchdown already. This is disgraceful. Fans deserve better.

Then wide-open Stamps found to make it 1st and goal from the 1 for Esks...

Messam gets TD, the booing gets louder and understandably so.

EDIT: This is being reviewed. I expect ruling to stand. And it did.

Brutal coverage on the back end. Stamps picking cherries there!

Instead of handing out paper helmets before the game, paper bags should have been handed out....

Messam runs in from the 1,

8-0 shmoes

So far bad offense and bad defense. At some point this is on the coach. Problem is Mitchell - too much power given to an inexperienced coach.

And I thought last week was ugly! Oh Oh :cry:

I have a bag on my head and I'm at home!

Nice return!

For fans to wear over their heads or for them to throw up into? :slight_smile:

But wait... 49 yard return by Rutley! Now if the offence could get somewhere..

Nice return

Good one! LOL

Omg grant caught a pass

Wow, a first down!

And I think we have more than zero net yards now!

Wow, we get a first down, then they fumble it away. How bad is this. :thdn:

Fumble again wtf Williams

Wow, Unreal lol