Tiger-Cats Vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/9/2011

First pass goes to AB3...

Hi gang!

D starts off with a nice 2 and out stop. Love the all white uni's! Have not seen them since 2009.

That was likely the first of many two and outs.

And the second, as one slipped out of Mann's hands.

I already miss Michael Scott... :slight_smile:

Mann with the drop...bad conditions, but still should have had that.

Does not seem to be raining now, and Ray goes deep to Stamps. Thomas tried to cover...

And again, but this time overthrew him.

Nice blitx by Thomas

It was good call by Esks to gamble on 3rd and 1 unfortunately.

But Thomas on HB blitz gets to Ray.

Shivers really taking over for Barker.
He can't squeeze the INT either.

Duval good from 20, 3-0 EDM.

And the is rain coming down, just in time for our offence to get on the field. What luck.

Time to get the juggling balls out again.

Good pressure by the D...they are getting into Ray's kitchen!

And it's pouring again, just in time for us to take the ball.

Understandable if you got Barker flashbacks there.

If Smith did not take procedure call there, we would have likely had our first FD.

Glenn looking like last week.

Lightning delay.

Just what I was afraid of.

So, now what do we do?

Hopefully TiCats coaching staff make good lightning delay adjustments.

Talk about Michael Bishop's return to the league?

:D :D :D

LMAO The sound of crickets... :wink: