Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/25/2008

Hi all. I will be following the game on here until I have to board my plane down here in Ft. Lauderdale...

Its on live On TSN right now!



Prefontaine kicks it off and Smith returns it to 33.

I predict first play will be handoff to Lumsden. :slight_smile:

Too bad Esks D also seemed to predict that. :slight_smile:

Then sack of Printers means we punt. And Tristan Jackson returns it to their 30.

-7 yards on our opening possession
Not a good start

Never want to see a player hurt.. but I will NOT feel bad if Tristan Jackson is a little banged up after that hit :smiley:

Is it on TSN.ca in the blacked out area?

Peterson drops one, looking like he did when he played for Ticats. Then Glasper DRILLED Tucker as Tucker tried to catch it!

Yeesh what I hit, good thing I got TSN-HD :wink:.

I should be in the blakced out area (Stoney Creek) and its on live on TSN HD for me

We have wind at our backs as we start by our 40. Need to keep giving it to Lumsden, with the odd D-stretching pass.

Can you watch the game on satellite even though it is blacked out in Hamilton?

Great hit by Glasper, but... The Eskie receivers are getting open.

Wilson dropped one he REALLY should not have dropped, then Woodcock was overthrown. We punt again, and that punt took bounce that was in our favour. Looked like Kordic hit Jackson with authority there. Esks start by their 20.

Receivers are reverting back to yesteryear

Im watching on TSN for free........i was expecting to pay.....not HD but not bad.......man, we arent doing so well....

BYF, I live in downtown Hamilton(Bay Street) and it is on TSN.ca for me.

I LOVE! TSN.ca! lol

2 Possessions for each team and a total of 8 offensive plays for both teams

Not the offensive showing we were expecting

JOJO WALKER! Welcome back buddy!

Another two and out for Esks. Let's hope Ticat offense will get into before Esks does.

Walker returned punt into what might be Setta's range. And Nedd nearly blocked it, making quite an effort.

Can't watch it because TSN wants me to install Silverlight, and I run Ubuntu om my laptop...