Tiger-Cats vs. Eskimos Play-by-Play Game Thread: 10/5/2012

PICKED.. this is gonna stand.... Joeseph was over the LoS when he the that!!

Good start Cats!!

Ugh.. Burris turns it right back over!!!

PICK off the deflection off a Ticat helmet. Nice.

And back again with an Eskies pick. Sigh.

Nice Stop D! will we get that INT???? :smiley: FD!!! Marillo!

Thank Frank throws and INT, gonna be a long night!!!

WOW.. KJ was smoked there!!

Great job D!!!!

JJ hits hard.

KJ took big hit from JJ, slow to get up after that.

Shaw actually was good from 48 there. 3-0 Esks.

D doing well enough so far, hope offence will do well putting that bad first play behind them.

SHaw makes a long FG??? Nice Kick from 48!

3-0 Esks

Edmonton up by 3
Hank needs to get hot and move the ball down field for 7.


Jones starts us at our 37.

High snap, but CW FD. That’s better. Keep going.

I LOVE having Cobourne in there!

Personel issue for the ESKS :lol: TO Called,

Burris gets sacked, better thna throwing a pick :roll:

Australia time!

Edmonton is already in disarray, they need to burn a timeout early in the first quarter

In a baseball update Baltimore and Texas are tied at 1-1 going into the top of the 3rd

Avon yapping, pre-game trash talk carrying over, after he gained 4.

Then Burris sacked as he could not find receiver with six receiver set.

Esks start just inside their 20 after that punt. Keep getting in KJ's face...

6 receiver set..Edomonton rushes 3 and delayed the blitz on the 4th...And the blitzer doesn't make the sack...

Horrendous O-Line play...

So Crandell, not Reed, calling plays on offence. Makes sense.

Esks get their first FD of the game.

Messam gets the FD, lets go D!

EDM gets a holding call after the big P/U by Stamps !

The Cats get lucky with an Edmonton penalty.
The defence needs to tighten up

Stamps get the big FD across the 45!

We've got our flat feet going again :roll:

And they gain the 20 yards they need for FD on the next two plays. Not good.

Hey they have to punt again! I guess thats a positive!